Q & A with the owners (noah79)

14th in a series (by 69cubs)

An owner who appears to be working on becoming known as the rebuilder is noah79. He has been involved with 2 franchises.

First he joined Mathewson in season 18 taking over in midseason the Boston Americans (now known as the Pittsburgh franchise). This franchise had NEVER won more than 73 games. noah79 guided this team to 80 victories and a new attitude. Followed that up in season 19 (moved to Washinton DC) with 105 victories (2nd place to the Chicago Billy Goats and their 108 victories). Fell back a little in season 20 to 83 victories where his desire to own an NL franchise had him leave this franchise in plymouth71's very capable hands.

Season 21 saw noah79 takeover a franchise that an owner (sonneboy2000) turned from an 80 win season to a 59 win season in 2 seasons. noah79 took this franchise and rebuilt it. Season 21 was getting rid of the deadwood and only 51 victories. Season 21 saw the change start with 66 victories (15 game improvement) and season 23 has this team on a pace for about 77 wins. Some key acquisitions has this team primed for more improvement next season.

Overall in Mathewson (and HBD), noah79 has compiled a 385-425(.475)record in 5 completed seasons with only one WC appearances in the 5 total seasons.

On with the Q & A with noah79

Favorite MLB Team:
Washington Nationals, was a Montreal Expo fan

Favorite all-time and/or current player(s):
Andre Dawson and Henry Aaron! Currently, I will go with Strasburg as he appears to be the one who will lead the National's franchise going forward with Bryce Harper.

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All time:
Troy Coles on my current team. I expect him to be my catcher for a long time. While with Washington (Pittsburgh), a big fan of Jackie Little, who went 40-15 for me before I traded him in season 20 (at the age of 36) for 3 players thinking he was almost done. NOTE: Little is still pitching (age 39) and has gone 32-17 since I traded him.

Significance of team name and/or username:
Milwaukee Braves - Hammerin Hank's team!

My user name is my son's name, the 79 has no significance.

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
Indianapolis Colts! Bye, bye Peyton! But, will still be a fan!.

Grew up in the Buffalo area. currently live still in the NE. I am a teacher/high school basketball coach.
My secret interest is that I am a member of the WWE Universe!

Favorite Mathewson moment:
105 wins for the season 19 Washington Nationals, everything was going right until those Billy Goats took 1st place and I flopped in the playoffs. But 105 wins in my second season was my favorite moment. I feel that my current Milwaukee Braves will lead me into some favorite moments

Team you most dislike to face:
Luckily, I don't play the Billy Goats, especially with that win streak he has. So, the team I will claim for this is the Omah Cobfathers, they have given me a lot of trouble this season!

One tip you can share with all:
A good mix of youth and veterans, geared more towards the youth will allow you to grow a team and keep it competitive for many seasons.Hopefully this tip works for me!

Thank You noah79! Wrestlemania tickets or an HBD World Series championship, which would you want more?!?

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