Q & A with the Owners (ptoday)

15th in a series (by 69cubs)

This owner could have been given a nickname of "Band Aid" by his early seasons in Mathewson. As owner of his current team, ptoday is on his 5th season with this franchise. Seasons 4, 6, 8, 22 and the current season 23. He came in the earlier seasons as an owner to maintain a team until a more permanent owner was found, but kept winding back with the same franchise, where he is today. A list of his franchises:

1) current Cheyenne Wranglers (no playoff appearances)
---4 completed seasons with a record of 286-362 (.441)
2) the current Boise Spuds (no playoff appearances)
---1 season with a record of 60-102 (.370)
3) the current New York Mobsters (3-1st place finishes)
---7 seasons with a record of 596-538 (.526)
4) outside of Mathewson (1 - 1st place and 1 WC)
---4 seasons with a record of 316-332 (.488)

On with the Q & A with ptoday

Favorite MLB Team:
Minnesota Twins

Favorite all-time and/or current player(s):
Harmon Killebrew and Frank Viola.

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All time:
When I had the team in Chicago, the ace of my staff and my favorite player was Jackie Little. On my current team, I like Marshall Dorsey, even though he has a durability rating of 52, he makes the most of the time I can give him.

Significance of team name and/or username:
My user name comes from when I first started HBD. I was at work and was told about this, I wanted to take a day off that day. The requested days off were called PTO days for "Paid Time Off". So, I put the 2 together and got ptoday!

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
Dallas Stars, but was more of a fan when they were the Minnesota North Stars!

Minneapolis, if you could not guess from my teams! Played hockey while younger, but now, just work and family is my life!

Favorite Mathewson moment:
My time with the Chicago franchise (now the New York Mobsters), that is when I decided that I would spend more time with HBD. But, I am hoping to make more moments with this franchise.

Team you most dislike to face:
So far, I have done well within the division, BUT, outside the division, I am getting beaten up pretty good (especially by Memphis)!

One tip you can share with all:
Still trying to figure out my own strategy. My best seasons with Chicago (New York) were a benefit of the previous owner (bobcat_grad) leaving a very good team! I took over the team right after they won the World Series!

Thank You ptoday! You like to be in different cities regularly just like some of the Minnesota teams, North Stars, Lakers!

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