The S14's Top Rookies of The First Half

With the All-Star game around the corner, these six rookies have impressed by making the most of their chances...

Thom Monroe, 1B/ DH Chicago Billy Goats - The 25 yr old former first round pick has been tearing up the minors since being drafted in S11. Monroe has been tearing up AL pitching and leading all major league rookies in batting average (.335), Home runs (33), RBIs (86), OPS (1.075 ) and Slugging (.697) while being the leading vote getter to be the starting first baseman for the AL All-Star team.

Santos Santana, 1B St. Louis Kamikazes - The gentle giant from Almirante, Panama, with a name more reminiscent of a wrestling luchador than a major league ball player was signed to a 16 million bonus in S12, and in just 3 seasons he has shown that he belongs in the Majors. Santana has hit a career high 32 HRs in less than half a season at the ML level, while hitting .290 and swiping 11 bases. Santana is the undisputed NL rookie of the year for the first half of the season.

Buddy Bailey, DH Salem Whips- Bailey is hitting .318 and has a .428 OBP with 23 HRs. If it wasn't for Thom Monroe, Bailey would be putting together one of the most impresive rookie seasons in AL history.

Guy Zaun, RP San Antonio Stallions - Zaun has been the best rookie pitcher in the AL. He has been snubbed as an all-star selection, but he has been impressive with a 1.01 WHIP in 96 innings, holding batters to a .181 AVG and has not allowed a single inherited runner to score.

Bey Franco, SP El Paso Fighting Tacos - Franco has been the NLs best rookie pitcher, starting 10 games and holding a 7-4 record with 104 Ks in 115 innings.

Juan Pena, SP/RP Burlington Bison - Pena, a Rule 5 selction taken from the Colorado Colorado Crush, has been a big reason that the Bison are not in the basement of the division. Pena gracefully shifted between bullpen and rotation before being awarded a spot in the rotation. The native of Noord, Aruba has a 5-1 record in 9 starts as the Bison's #5 man, and nailed 2 saves in 2 save opportunities, and a 2.70 ERA.

Summer Classic promises to be full of Fire and Rain

With the All-Star game just around the corner, here is a preview at the leading vote getters. In the AL, Trenton leads in number of All-Stars, while Portland's stars lead the NL.

American League:

Cozy Ponson, Pittsburgh Pirates - After 3 injuries almost derailed his promising career in S11 and getting traded twice, Ponson has excelled and shown no evidence of a sophomore slump. Ponson is on target to be a first-time All-Star, and with an 11-5 record, and a 2.63ERA, he will likely put up even better numbers than his impressive rookie season.

Kirk Heiserman, Trenton Fire - 22 saves in 23 opportunities en route to his 5th All-Star Game appearance, leading the AL in saves.

Amp Harris, Pittsburgh Pirates - Harris nomination as a possible all-star is well deserved. Harris has 17 saves in 19 opportunities and a meager 1.65 ERA. This would be his first appearance for the veteran who became a full time closer for the Pirates this season. Harris was released by the Salem Whips in the offseason, signed as a 1yr free agent by Cincinnati and claimed off waivers by the Pirates.

Oscar Martin, New York Fadeaways - Looks for his 3rd All-Star appearance, Martin has a 10-3 record and a lead leading 2.53 ERA.

Wolf Miller, San Antonio Stallions
Javy Sierra, New Britain Bombers
Neil Parris, LA Canyoneros
Felipe Colon, Oakland Elephants
David Lawrence, Oakland Elephants
Juan Marin, Trenton Fire
Damaso Pineda, LA Canyoneros
Tomas Espinosa, Memphis Blues Boys
Eli Ugueto, New Britain Bombers

Horacio Vallarta, Mexico City Manada de Lobos - Vallarta is hitting .421 and has a .487 OBP. Vallarta is the last ML player to hit >.400 for an entire season.

Cesar Rincon, New Britain Bombers - .356 AVG, .433 OBP, 18 HRs

Thom Monroe, Chicago Billy Goats - This rookie is an offensive juggernaut, leading all ML rookies in most offensvie categories.

Patrick Knotts, Salem Whips

Larry Dupler, Trenton Fire - Looking at his 4th All-Star game
Thomas Serrano, New Britain Bombers

Miguel Mairena, Boston Minute Men
Lonny Pujols, Texas Steers

Miguel Espinoza, New York Fadeaways
Santiago Campos, Chicago Billy Goats

Albert Hernandez, Chicago Billy Goats
Trevor Bellhorn, Trenton Fire

Shea Brooks, Chicago Billy Goats
Jesus Pineda, Trenton Fire

Alexander Green, San Antonio Stallions
Fernando Rodriguez, Trenton Fire

Russell Leonard, Mexico City Manada de Lobos


Del Alvarez, Buffalo Blizzard - The Blizzard's closer leads the majors with 31 saves and a 1.18 ERA.

Hector Riley, Norfolk Tars - His 27 saves are second best in the NL; an impressive total for a team that has won 45 games.

Andres Hernandez, Colorado Colorado Crush

Cookie Ramirez, Burlington Bison - 11-3 record is 3rd best in the NL, but his 2.04 ERA leads all major league starters. This would be his 7th All-Star game appearance

Vasco Picasso, Portland Rain - Picasso just went on the DL with a shoulder aneurysm and will miss the rest of the season, but his 13 wins lead the NL at this point of the season.

Bip Bartee, Portland Rain - His 12-2 record is only second best to his teammate, Vasco Picasso

Julian DeRojas, St. Louis Kamikazes
Vic Cordero, Portland Rain
Tony Delgado, St. Louis Kamikazes
Bob Willis, Las Vegas High Rollers
Ken Atkins, Buffalo Blizzard
Cody Miles, Portland Rain
Robert Owens, Burlington Bison

Dick Naulty, Scottsdale Raiders - This middle reliever is Scottsdale's only rep in the All-Star game

Phil Zheng, Buffalo Blizzard - Zheng's .370 AVG leads the NL
Roger Webb, Vancouver Titans

Chris Tobin, Chicago Shoeless Joes - Tobin has hit 40 HRs with more than half a seaon to go. The 24 yr old also has also drive in 89 runs.

Brad Green, Colorado Colorado Crush - The 34 yr old veteran is having a typical Brad Green season (.340 AVG, 22 HR), and is less than 50 hits away from career hit #3000.

Tony Sakamoto, Colorado Colorado Crush - The NLs most consistent 2B looks at his 3rd straight All-Star game appearance

Tyler Merrick, Burlington Bison - The young Bison is having a breakthrough year while carrying his team's offense and looks at his first All-Star game appearance as a backup to Sakamoto.

Albert DeSoto, Colorado Colorado Crush
Bud Burke, Buffalo Blizzard

Rey Shigetoshi, Buffalo Blizzard
Harry Blanco, Las Vegas High Rollers

Mariano Gonzalez, Colorado Colorado Crush
Joaquin Santiago, New Orleans Ragin' Cajuns

Robb Gant, Portland Rain
Albert Moraga, Norfolk Tars

Tommy Ransom, Buffalo Blizzard
Alex Gonzalez, Portland Rain