Columbus Becomes World Series 12 Champions

The Columbus Flatlanders became World Series Champions by defeating the Trenton Fire with an 11-8 win in game 6 of the series. This is Columbus' first World Series title. The Flatlanders came in as underdogs and walked out as Top dogs behind the offensive prowess of rookie 1B Chris Tobin.

After a 102-60 regular season record and a third straight World Series appearance, the Trenton Fire were the favorites against a Columbus team that barely made the playoffs by qualifying in the last day of the season. With an 88-74 record, the Flatlanders actually tied the Las Vegas High Rollers, but it was Columbus and not Las Vegas that qualified because of their regular season head to head record. Once in the playoffs, Columbus left no doubt that they belonged in this party. Division rival Portland was dispatched 3-1 despite losing the Division Play-In Series opener. Next up was Colorado, who fought hard but came up short in Game 5 of the Division Championship Series. Columbus then moved on to play the El Paso Fighting Tacos, and this series went 7 games, but Tobin, Tony Lunar and Dennis Lo brought the Flatlanders back late in Game 7 to clinch the League Championship and move to the first World Series appearance.

The World Series becamse the stage in which the Flatlanders' young players showcased their abilities, and the team outscored Trenton 39-29 in the 6 game series. Trenton had battled through a tough 7 game series in the AL Championship series against the AL's best record holder (New Britain), forcing them to shuffle their pitching corps for the World Series.

Game 1: Jackie Little (19-10, 3.70 ERA) vs
Andrew Baxter (3-0, 4.05 ERA) in Trenton

Season 11 AL Cy Young Award Winner
Andrew Baxter was limited to 24 innings for Trenton in the regular season after returning from a shoulder aneurysm surgery suffered late last season, but he was nothing short of spectacular in the post season. Columbus countered with their ace, 19 game winner and Cy Young candidate Jackie Little. Neither starter factored in the final score, as this game was won in the 10th inning on a walk-off homer by DH Emmett Halter off of a seemingly fatigued Bart Valdez in relief.

Final: Columbus 5, Trenton 6 . Trenton leads Series 1-0

Game 2:
Rodrigo Jimenez (12-9, 4.57 ERA) vs Stewart Pose (14-11, 4.08 ERA) in Trenton

Pose started on short rest, and got lifted after 3 1/3 innings.
Jorel Roth made an appearance in relief and picked up the loss after 3 1/3 innings. Columbus' Rodrigo Jimenez held on for 8 innings, picking up the win despite giving up 3 homers and 6 earned runs. Emmett Halter homered twice in the loss.

Final: Columbus 7, Trenton 6. Series Tied 1-1.

Game 3:
Juan Marin (14-8, 3.65 ) vs Harry Harding (9-14, 4.60) in Columbus

The Series shifted to Columbus, and Harding, the 25yr old rookie from Halifax, Nova Scotia, quieted the Fire's bats by allowing 1 run in 8 innings. Trenton suffered from playing in a NL park without a DH, which meant that
Emmett Halter, who had led with 3 HRs in 2 games against Columbus, was limited to a pinch hit appearance.

Final: Trenton 1, Columbus 5. Columbus Leads the Series 2-1.

Game 4:
Jorel Roth (17-3, 3.74 ERA) vs Carlos Rosado (12-13, 4.58 ERA) in Columbus

Trenton jumped to an early lead after scoring 6 runs in the first inning off of Rosado. But Rosado, who had a 9+ ERA in the postseason, managed to hold on, settled down and shut down the Fire for the next 6 innings before turning it over to the bullpen after the Flatlanders' bats had come back. The Fire's starting pitcher, Jorel Roth, who had made a relief appearance in Game 2, pitched well early on but got tired and was charged with 10 earned runs in 5 2/3 innings.

Final: Trenton 6, Columbus 10. Columbus Leads the Series 3-1.

Game 5:
Andrew Baxter (3-0, 4.05 ERA) vs Jackie Little (19-10, 3.70 ERA) in Columbus

This rematch of Game 1 was an old-fashioned pitching duel, with both starters pitching 8 innings and allowing a combined 9 hits. Columbus' rookie 1B
Chris Tobin misplayed a groundball, allowing what would be the winning run to score and denying Columbus the chance to claim the title at home.

Final: Trenton 2, Columbus 1. Columbus Leads the Series 3-2.

Game 6:
Rodrigo Jimenez (12-9, 4.57 ERA) vs Stewart Pose (14-11, 4.08 ERA) in Trenton

With the series moving back to Trenton, the hometeam led 8-3 in the bottom of the 4th after Jimenez gave up 8 Earned runs in 3 1/3 (inlcuding a 3-run homerun by C Albert Osuna). Columbus' rookie
Harry Harding came in in relief and stopped the bleeding long enough to allow Columbus to come back. The Flatlanders' comeback started with a 3-run homerun by Chris Tobin in the top of the 5th to redeem himself from his Game 5 defensive woes. (Tobin was the DH in this game and went 3 for 4 with 5 RBI and a walk). The Fire's pitching could not contain Columbus' bats, with Pose pitching poorly (6 IP, 9 H, 6 ER, 2 BB) but avoiding the loss after leaving with a 2 run lead. Reliever Howie Herman faced 5 batters and recorded only one out, taking the loss after allowing 4 hits and being charged with 4 earned runs.

Final: Trenton 8, Columbus 11. Columbus WINS THE WORLD SERIES.

The Three Greatest Teams in Mathewson History (by unitedcenter)


Being World Series time in the Mathewson World for season 12, let's look at a few teams that I would rank as the Top 3 of all time. All 3 teams won the World Series in the seasons that are listed. In order by season, not by preference, here they are...

SEASON 2 - (The season of the Triples).
Louisville Wild Turkeys with an 108-54 record.

Louisville went 11-4 in the playoffs beating my Chicago team (with Silver Slugger and Gold Glove winning catcher Chip Everett and Fireman of the year Dustan Schmidt) 4-1 in the World Series. This powerhouse team, who won the NL South by 17 games and led the NL in 3Bs, HRs and RBIs, was led by the following:- All Star SP Sean Donovan, who finished the season with a 20-4 record, 192 strikeouts, .216 OBA and a 1.16 WHIP.- SP Aaron Newson with a 19-6 record.- All Star and Silver Slugger 3B John Russ, with 151 runs, 44 2Bs, 32 3Bs, 49 HRs, 170 RBIs, 25 SBs, .329 BA and 1.191 OPs.- Silver Slugger and Season 2 NL MVP 2B Domingo Dali with 183 Runs, 28 3Bs, 62 HRs, 186 RBIs, 58 SBs and a 1.179 OPs.- Silver Slugger CF Mac Cookson and his 123 Runs, 49 2Bs, 23 3Bs, 29 HRs, 102 RBIs, 19 SBs and a 1.023 OPs.

Charlotte Wolfpack with a 106-56 record.

Charlotte had their brooms with them in the first few rounds before facing season 2 champ Louisville (Cy Young winner Aaron Newson and MVP John Russ) and beating them 4-2 to finish the post season with an 11-2 record.The Wolfpack had to battle Memphis throughout the year but finally took the AL South by 4 games. They won this with their pitching leading the league in Saves and Strikeouts and their offense getting the Triple Crown (HRs, RBIs and Avg).The Wolfpack was led by the following:- All Star SP Yogi Cooper and his 17-9 record.- All Star closer Benny Suarez with 25 saves in 28 opportunities.- RP Tuck Diaz who appeared in 79 games (all in relief) with a 1.23 WHIP, a W/L record of 19-8 and 7 saves with that. - SP Alberto Sanchez with a 12-6 record.- All Star RF Mike Burrell, who despite playing in only 137 games, batted .306, 123 Runs, 37 2Bs, 23 HRs and 92 RBIs.- Silver Slugger 2B Felipe Vega with 112 Runs, 41 2Bs, 47 HRs, 154 RBIs and a .973 OPs.- Silver Slugger 3B Harry Moya with 130 Runs, 48 HRs, 156 RBIs, .313 Avg. and a .963 OPs.- Silver Slugger SS sparkplug Joe Watson with his 138 Runs and 77 SBs.

Memphis Blues Boys with a 114-48 record.

They made the playoffs as a Wild Card as Charlotte took the AL South with 117 wins. They went on to a 14-3 record and swept the Colorado Crush (with NL MVP Brad Green and a team OPS of .972 with 390 HRs) 4-0 to win the World Series.The Blues Boys finishing 2nd in their division led the NL in batting with a .305 average. This team had individual honors bestowed on 9 different players.Memphis was led by the following:- All Star SP Dorian Kinkade and his 20-2 record, 3.06 ERA and 1.18 WHIP.- All Star and Fireman of the year Don Gonzales who had 45 saves and a 1.19 WHIP.- Rookie of the Year SP Dustan Stoops with a 15-3 record and 3.62 ERA.- 15-2 SP Richard Magee and a 1.15 WHIP.- All Star and AL MVP catcher Kareem Nunnally with 124 Runs, 68 HRs, 175 RBIs, .319 avg and 1.126 OPs.- All Star and Silver Slugger 2B Vladimir Valentin with 113 Runs, 43 HRs, 133 RBIs and a .318 BA.- All Star and Silver Slugger SS Andrea Childers and 139 Runs, 36 SBs and .324 BA.- All Star and Silver Slugger CF Kennie Perez and 151 Runs, 44 2Bs, 36 HRs, 133 RBIs, 31 SBs, .339 BA and .966 OPs.- Silver Slugger LF Roberto Santana, who, in 129 games had 34 HRs and 112 RBIs to go along with his .316 BA.- Gold Glove 3B Tanyon Owen who also contributed offensively with 107 Runs, 28 HRs, 95 RBIs and a .311 BA.

These 3 teams are the best in my opinion, I am sure arguments could be made for other teams also. (opinions by Unitedcenter)