Q & A with the Owners (ws2005sox)

17th in a series (by 69cubs)

I believe the name says it all on who this owner supports, ws2005sox. The Chicago White Sox - World Series champs in 2005! With the exception of two earlier seasons in HBD, ws2005sox has been with his current team for 5 previous seasons and is on his 7th season overall in Mathewson.

Taking over a team that did not get over 67 wins in their previous 9 seasons, ws2005sox has turned this franchise around. Taking over after a 61 win season, this owner started to clean house and rebuild. Season 19 only saw a one game improvement in standings, but a different mindset for the franchise! Season 20 with 77 wins (15 game improvement), that was this franchises most wins in 14 seasons! Then in season 21, they exploded with a franchise best 97 wins and 20 games improvement AND their first ever 1st place finish! Unfortunately, they lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Season 22 and season 23, Tampa Bay has returned to good status, finishing season 22 in 2nd place and in a battle with Richmond in season 23 for the division title and a couple teams for the 2nd wild card spot.

Going into this season ws2005sox has a 464-508 (.477) record with the one division title.

On with the Q & A with ws2005sox

Favorite MLB Team:
I think the name says it all, Chicago White Sox!

Favorite all-time and/or current player(s):
favorite player All-time is the BIG Hurt, Frank Thomas. Another favorite is a player I once met, not a superstar, but an average player, Wayne Nordhagen.
Currently, I am looking forward to seeing Gordon Beckham mature and hopefully become an outstanding player.

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All time:
From my team now, Cozy Ponson and also rookie, Rolando Cortez. Do not really have one from the past yet.

Significance of team name and/or username:
The user name I use is the Chicago White Sox from 2005 when they won the Series. The team name was the USFL football team name for Tampa Bay.

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Born, raised in Chicago area. Lived for about 5 years a couple miles from Frank Thomas's home. I work a regional position for the Hertz company and try to stay active when time and family allows!

Favorite Mathewson moment:
The 97 win season and being in the playoffs. I would love to get in again and make more noise in the playoffs.

Team you most dislike to face:
My first thought would be the Jackson Sizzle, but, since he has controlled the division, he is who I want to face and beat, so far 4-3 against him this season. But, I always have a tough time with Honolulu, plus, they knocked me out of the playoffs in season 21, too.

One tip you can share with all:
I rebuilt this team in a couple seasons, be smart and rebuilding should not take as many as "5" seasons. It can be done in a shorter time. To rebuild, you must be ready to trade very good players for an opportunity to get a great player!

Thank You ws2005sox! If the White Sox can do it, so can you!

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