Who should be the 1st true catcher in the HOF? (by 69cubs)

There has been a lot of catcher comparison in the HOF voting. I want to compare all the nominated catchers who were considered “catchers” during their career.
NOTE: Kareem Nunnally is in the HOF, but he had 728 games as catcher, 805 as DH and 511 at 1B. over 1300 games in a non-catcher position.

Let’s look at the candidates:
Ricardo Alomar (12 seasons)
Joel McNamara (16 seasons)
Ricky Gibbs (15 seasons)
Eduardo Silva (15 seasons)
Billy Hermansen (12 seasons)
Horacio Vallarta (18 seasons)
Luis Iglesias (9 seasons)
Phil Zheng (17 seasons)

My first step will be to eliminate Silva, Gibbs & Iglesias as they spent more time as DH/1B and less than half of their games played were at the catcher position.
That brings us down to 5:
McNamara, Vallarta, Zheng, Alomar and Hermansen.

My personal rank would be: Vallarta, McNamara, Hermansen, Zheng and Alomar.
To me, you cannot talk about a catcher going to the Hall of Fame without mentioning Vallarta in the sentence as a lock.
One NOTE: Vallarta NEVER played for my team in his career! So, this is not a favorite because he was on my team.
I think the career numbers shows he has earned the honor! This is not to take away the accomplishments of the others on the list.

Offensively, here are the numbers:
2252 G, 1023 R, 2091 H, 1068 RBI, .294 BA, .375 OBP, .455 Slg
2356 G, 1630 R, 3008 H, 1321 RBI, .340 BA, .421 OBP, .522 Slg
2217 G, 1025 R, 2066 H, 752 RBI, .340 BA, .441 OBP, .451 Slg
1637 G, 946 R, 1866 H, 845 RBI, .344 BA, .448 OBP, .526 Slg
1451 G, 774 R, 1334 H, 817 RBI, .338 BA, .421 OBP, .576 Slg

Highlights: 4 of the 5 have outstanding career batting averages and OBP, above 340. 3 of the 5 have slugging pct over 520.
Vallarta is 1 of only 3 players in Mathewson World history to have 3000 hits!
It also appears we missed out on Hermansen and what final numbers he could have put up if he was in this world for his whole career.

Next, is the defense:
note: used Games Caught Pct, Field pct, ERA while catching, SB attempts and Caught Stealing pct.

94.01% GC pct, .998 Field pct, 4.31 ERA, 1729 SB att., 27.88% CS pct
87.10% GC pct, .996 Field pct, 4.44 ERA, 1688 SB att., 29.56% CS pct
66.94% GC pct, .994 Field pct, 4.43 ERA, 1388 SB att., 26.59% CS pct
70.07% GC pct, .994 Field pct, 5.15 ERA, 1194 SB att., 23.10% CS pct
78.43% GC pct, .997 Field pct, 4.88 ERA, 744 SB att., 22.18% CS pct

McNamara appears to be best of this group defensively. He and Vallarta were workhorses when it came to being behind the plate.
The fielding percentage and ERA for that long of a career for McNamara is a great accomplishment. Vallarta and Zheng’s ERA are also worth noting as accomplishments.
Vallarta’s Caught Stealing percentage is a little over 1.5 percentage points above any of the other 4.

And finally, the awards (only used awards as a Major League player):

6 AS, 1 SS, 1 GC & 1 WS ring
11 AS, 10 SS, 1 GC & 1 MVP
3 AS, 2 SS & 1 WS ring
3 AS & 4 SS
2 AS, 1 SS & 1 WS ring

Standing out is the double digit All Star Games and Silver Slugger total for Vallarta.
Only 2 (McNamara and Vallarta) earned Gold Gloves (1 each).
3 (McNamara, Zheng & Hermensen) won a world series in their careers.
Only 1 earned a league MVP, for a catcher, a great accomplishment!

I think these numbers show why I feel Vallarta belongs in the HOF! 3000+ hits. outstanding Batting percentages & an MVP!

He earned it, not just as a catcher, but as a major league player of any position!

World Series S22: New Britain's Empire Strikes Back

World Series 22 featured a return of the New Britain Bombers against a Jackson team making its franchise's first visit to the World Series. Despite putting an incredible fight to the end and Sizzling to a game 7, it would be the veteran Bombers taking home their third World Series trophy.

Game 1: New Britain 0, Jackson 1
George Crandall faced off against Timo Fujiwara in the series opener and its closest game. In front of a sellout crowd in Jackson, this incredible pitching matchup became a bullpen game after six innings. Felipe Alvarez, who had entered the game as a pinch runner in the 8th inning, became the game's hero with a walk-off homerun in the 10th to give the Sizzle the series' first victory.

Game 2: New Britain 6, Jackson 5
Steven Reith and Kelly McPherson made quick exits after 5 innings each, but despite a close game, New Britain edged the one run victory. Don Hasegawa homered for New Britain.

Game 3: Jackson 3, New Britain 11
With the series tied and moving to New Britain, the Bombers's offense impressed the home crowd with an 11 run explosion. The Sizzle's Darryl Glass was on a short leash and got pulled after 2 innings and 4 earned runs, mostly on a 3 run blast by the Bomber's Harold Coffman. Reliever Jim Glass failed to get an out but gave up 3 more run, letting New Britain take a 7-2 lead by the end of the 3rd. Ezdra Ramirez gave the Bombers bullpen a rest with 8 solid and effective innings where he threw only 96 pitches. The Bombers hit 4 home runs in this game, and Coffman, Alexander Green and Howard Robinson each drove in 3 runs.

Game 4: Jackson 3, New Britain 2
Jackson's Torey Lopez gave his team exactly what they needed, with 8 solid innings. Lopez pitched brilliantly through the night, mixing curveballs, changeups and sliders to keep the Bombers off balance and turning poor contact into outs. Lopez made two pitching mistakes, with two hanging curveballs that became home runs off of Harold Coffman and Rob Bailes. Jackson only scored three times off of George Crandall, but this was enough for the win this time. Ismael Melo led off the game with a home run and Mac Aoki got two hits in the winning effort to tie the series at 2-2.

Game 5: Jackson 7, New Britain 10
Timo Fujiwara and Tom Snelling were the starting pitchers in a high scoring game that would ultimately go to New Britain. Neither starter pitched particularly well, but while Snelling lasted 6 innings, Fujiwara was pulled after 3 1/3 and became the first in a parade of 8 Jackson picthers. Catcher Harold Coffman homered again and drove in three runs for New Britain. In the bottom of the 4th, with Jackson leading 4-0, Coffman hit a 3-run blast to chase Fujiwara. Darryl Glass, appearing in relief, was immediately greeted with a homerun by Howard Robinson to tie the game. New Britain wasn't done,and by the time the inning was over, they would lead the game 9-4 and never surrendered the lead. Vin Mondesi also homered for New Britain.

Game 6: New Britain 1, Jackson 7
Back to Jackson and looking to clench the series, New Britain sent Game 3 starter Ezdra Ramirez to the mound. Ramirez pitched well enough through 6 innings to keep his team in the game, but was chased on a 2-Run homer by Felipe Alvarez in the 7th. Billy Darensbourg drove in two more runs, and Jackson scored 4 times in the 7th and never looked back after that. Jackson pitchers combined to allow only one run (a homerun by Howard Robinson) and Daryl Glass earned the victory in relief. Jackson's Pascual James had three hits and scored twice.

Game 7: New Britain 10, Jackson 8
Torey Lopez and George Crandall faced off in Game 7, but in a surprise move, the lefthanded Lopez was pulled after facing two batters for right hander Darryl Glass. The two batters faced by Lopez scored - a leadoff double by Hick Delahanty was followed by a 2 run homer by Don Hasegawa. Glass was greeted by a homer off the bat of Chris Tobin to give New Britain a 3 run lead. George Crandall didn't fare much better, giving up 7 runs in 3 1/3 and laboring with a high pitch count. Jackson built an 8-4 lead going into the 6th inning, in part on homers by Ismael Melo and Kevin Sikorski. Jackson's bullpen could not hold the large lead, giving up a 3 run home run to pinch hitter Vin Mondesi in the 6th to make it 8-7. The game's decision maker came in the 8th inning, when Chris Tobin hit a 2 out linedrive 3 run homer over the left field wall off of reliever Eddie Gardner. Jackson threatened in the 7th with runners on first and third, but Mac Aoki struck out looking to end the inning. New Britain's bullpen shut the door in the 8th and 9th,and rookie Julian Almanza earned the save with a perfect 9th to give New Britain another World Series title.

S22 Offensive Champions

NL Batting Average
Mac Aoki (COL), .336
Santos Santana (HON), .331
Burke Mullins (COL), .318
Frank Valdes (BOS), .316
Jesus Martinez (COL), .316

AL Batting Average

Don Hasegawa (NB), .329
Pasqual Jimenez (SEA), .324
Wayne Ellis (ARI), .318
Gabe Marshall (CHR), .316
Brad Purcell (SLC), .313

NL Home Runs
Derrick Monroe (LV), 62
John Yashian (COL), 50
Jacque Kyung (NOR), 46
Chuck Nicholas (PAW), 41
Manuel Encarnacion (TB), 41
Trot Martin (HON), 41

AL Home Runs

Pasqual Jimenez (SEA), 57
Joe Strange (CH1), 54
Michael Harper (MEM), 54
Kevin Rolls (CH1), 48
Hipolito Coronado (OAK), 46


Derrick Monroe (LV), 152
Trot Martin (HON), 146
Cesar Armas (JAC), 130
Manuel Encarnacion (TB), 123
John Yashian (COL), 122

Pasqual Jimenez (SEA), 149
Hipolito Coronado (OAK), 145
Luis James (SAL), 140
Joe Strange (CH1), 138
Jerry Nolasco (PIT), 137


(story by 69cubs)

The Honolulu Star Advertiser is reporting that reigning NL MVP, Santos Santana, has signed a 5 year extension to remain with the Honolulu Volcanoes, therefore taking the first baseman and 2-time MVP off the market at the end of this season.

The Volcanoes and Santana’s agent were working throughout the preseason trying to get the deal done before the start of Season 22. Santana had repeatedly stated that he would not negotiate during the season. Reports coming out of camp are that there were several proposals presented and turned down before Santana finally accepted this contract.

Reportedly, the contract is a 5 year deal worth 49 million dollars with the 5th season being a mutual option.

Santos Santana, only 29, signed in Season 12 as an international FA, is a 2 time MVP, Season 14 Rookie of the year, 6 time All Star, 5 time Silver Slugger award winner and 1 Gold Glove to boot (no pun intended) plus the numerous Player of the Week awards he was stockpiling. In his 8 major league season, he has driven over 100 runs each season and has scored over 100 runs in all but one of those seasons (season 20 he just missed with 99). He has hit 30 or more HRs in all 8 seasons (4 with over 40, with 2 of them being over 50). Career BA of .317 and OBP of .394 and career OPS of .975 averaging 159 games and 631 Abs per season.

Santana made his 1st postseason appearance last season (season 21) batting .382 (.500 OBP) with 3 doubles, 2 HRs, 8 RBIs and 6 runs in 9 games as Honolulu lost in the 2nd round to eventual AL Champ (and NL West division champ) Colorado after beating the Tampa Bay Bandits in the 1st round.

When asked about the reported dollars, Santana’s agent stated that, “obviously, he would have commanded much more on the open market next season, but, Santos wanted to be here with this organization!”

Through his agent, Santos said, “Since I arrived here at the end of season 18, this organization has made great strides in proving to me that they want to win. We have improved on our win total each season and, last season, had the most wins in the franchise history and advancing to the 2nd round of the playoffs. We expect to take this further this season, with the maturity of Norm (Ricarrdi), Trotter (Trot Martin) & Andy (Andres Delgado) on the offense and the pitchers Ricky (Ricardo Rosado) and Zuks (James Suzuki) with another year under their belt joining Yoda (38 year old veteran Jackie Little), Bip (Bartee) & Pedro (Pulido), we expect great things this season!”

Santos continued, “The NL West is possibly the best division in Mathewson where all 4 teams are capable of winning big. We faded at the end of season 21 as we tried to overtake Colorado, but the experience we gained should help us this season To keep pace with the Crush, High Rollers and Cobfathers, we cannot let our guards down against any of them!”

During the press conference, GM 69cubs stated, “Of course, we are ecstatic that Santos has re-signed. He has become the face of this franchise and seeing him elsewhere would be wrong! This organization has made great strides and Santos is one of the main keys that have ignited us! We realized we got a “home town” discount, but this only proves to us what a great character Santos is in the clubhouse and to this community. We expect to take this team to the next level and work as a team towards the goal of bringing a championship to this organization!”

Also today, the Honolulu Volcanoes signed 30 year old SP, Pedro Pulido to a 3 year extension worth 18.4 million dollars with season 3 as a mutual option.

Pedro, the #3 starter, on the staff went 13-9 last season with a 3.85 ERA and 1-0 in the postseason.

One Man’s view of the HOF candidates (by cubs69)

The remaining names not listed, I would remove from consideration

A LOCK...Cookie Ramirez – 21 seasons -266 wins – All time world leader. 3.34 ERA, 10 time all star, 1 Cy Young

Javier Valdez – 14 seasons – 6 All Stars, 1 Gold Glove, 5 Silver Sluggers, 2 MVPs – 575 HRS/571 SBS

Domingo Dali – 8 seasons (in his prime at the start of the world)-2 MVPs 2 All Star Games, 3 SilverSluggers

Juan Marin – 20 seasons – 7 All Stars, 2 Cy Young, 2 Gold Gloves. 257 Wins, .685 Per.

Sam Goodwin – 9 Seasons(active when world started), 3 All Star, 2 Cy Young, 142-55 (.721) in 9 seasons

Leo Billingsley – 14 seasons (active when world started) – 9 All stars, 1 Gold Glove, 2 Silver Sluggers. 2740 hits, .333 career batting average.

Giomar Diaz – 16 seasons, 5 All Star, 3 Cy Young, 1 Gold Glove, 1 ROY – 189-99 W/L

Ken Atkins– 17 seasons(active when world started),6 All Star, 1 Cy Young, 1 Gold Glove, 241 Wins

Stevie Slaughter
– 10 seasons (active when world started), 5 All Star, 4 Silver Sluggers, 400 HRs in only 10 seasons

Yogi Cooper – 17 seasons, 6 All Star, 1 Gold Glove, 1 Silver Slugger, 2 WSR, 245-138 W/L

Mac Chong – 13 seasons (active when world started), 3 All star, 1 MVP, 4 Silver Slugger, 552 HRs – 13 seasons

Cookie Ramirez Announces Retirement

The major leagues career wins leader, Cookie Ramirez, announced his retirement during a press conference this morning. Ramirez, 42, had a 266-177 record in 21 major league seasons and had a 3.34 career ERA, but his last season was a frustrating 0-11. Ramirez confirmed that an offer was made to return to the team, but he decided it was time to hang up the spikes.

Ramirez made the following statement at his press conference:

"Over the last few months, I discussed a contract extension with the franchise with which I have played my entire career. After considerable discussion with those closest to me, I have decided not to sign the extension, as I am unable to perform at a level equal to the salary the organization would be paying me or the level that I would be comfortable with. I believe I owe it to this team and our fans to step aside, so that the young talent can pitch as I once did as the team returns to a World Championship-caliber team.

So, I am walking away from the game that has provided me opportunities, experiences, memories and friendships to fill 10 lifetimes. For years I have said my motivation for playing wasn't for fame and fortune, but rather the love of competing. Baseball is a team sport and I have been lucky enough to contribute to the success of some great teams.

I want to thank the organization, and the thousands of Bison faithful for making this my family over 21 seasons. I want to thank the millions of baseball fans around the world and the many worthy opponents who have inspired me to take the mound as often as possible and play the best game in the world for a living."

World Series S21:Colorado's return to the World Series Crushed by New Britain's Bombers

Game 1: Opening night of the World Series was a matchup between Colorado's 17-1 Harry Regan and the Bombers 16-3 Ezdra Ramirez. Ramirez gave up 5 runs and 11 hits in 7 innings, but Colorado's closer Andres Hernandez couldn't hold a lead, giving up a 2 Run walk-off homer to Hick Delahanty. Delahanty hit two homeruns, two doubles and drove in five runs for the Bombers.

Game 2: 21 yr old, 18-game winner Santiago Johnson for the Crush and the veteran George Crandall for the Bombers.
Colorado took a 4-2 lead into the 9th, but a 2-run blast by pinch hitter Cesar Rincon off of closer Andres Hernandez sent it into extra innings. Game 1 hero Hick Delahanty, who had entered the game as a pinch runner in the 9th inning, got a walk-off hit in the bottom of the 10th to give New Britain the come from behind win. Batting champion York McNamara had three hits for the Bombers.

Game 3: With the World Series shifting to Colorado, the Crush's re-energized offense made a statement by scoring 3 runs in the first inning by way of two homers. By the time the night was done, the Crush would cross homeplate 8 times, and even a late rally by the Bombers wasn't enough. Hipolito Escuela, hitting .348 in the postseason, had 3 hits and 2 runs batted in, while catcher Albert Cairo had a perfect 3 for 3 night. New Britain's Chris Tobin crushed a 3 run home run in the 9th to make it 8-5, but it was too little too late. New Britain's National League starting lineup had neither Hick Delahanty nor AL Batting Champion York McNamara, although McNamara did appear as a late inning pinch hitter.

Game 4: Colorado's Harry Regan had another strong performance in his second start of the series to remain a perfect 3-0 in the postseason, and the Colorado bats had a 17 hit, 9 run attack on the Bombers. Despite 12 hits, the Bombers missed some key scoring opportunities. Albert Cairo, Mac Aoki and Burke Mullins had three hits each for Colorado. Hick Delahanty, New Britain's hero in the first two games of the series, reached base three times.

Game 5: New Britain won the first game in Colorado behind strong pitching by Ezdra Ramirez and a 3 run home run by Trent Erickson to win it 5-1 and be within one run of clinching the series. Erickson, a 20 yr old rookie who batted .160 in a mere 50 at bats during the regular season, was the player of the game.

Game 6: Colorado jumped to an early 3-0 lead, but New Britain took the lead after consecutive unusual plays in the 4th inning. With the bases loaded, two separate attempts to end it by double plays were beaten by runners beating the throws to first base, allowing two runs to score on fielders' choices. New Britain would break it open in the 7th inning with 3 runs, and the Bombers never looked back, winning it 7-3 in front of the home crowd to clench their 3rd World Series title. Don Hasegawa had three hits and drove in 3 runs, including a home run, and George Crandall earned the victory with 6 quality innings.

S21 Pitching Leaders

American League Wins
Quinton Hansen (CH1).. 20
Gerardo Cedeno (CH1).. 18
J.R. Clark (LA)....... 18

National League Wins
Alex Morlan (HEL)..... 23
Santiago Johnson (COL) 18
Fred Hughes (TB)...... 18

American League ERA
R.J. Guardado (SEA)... 2.71
Quinton Hansen (CH1).. 3.04
Ramiro Canseco (CHR).. 3.13

National League ERA
Harry Regan (COL)..... 2.22
Fred Hughes (TB)...... 2.47
Cozy Ponson (TB)...... 2.59

American League Saves
Alex Dellaero (PHI).... 48
Felipe Colon (OAK)..... 47
Juan Lopez (SEA)....... 47

National League Saves
Esteban Rodriguez (HON) 48
Al Canseco (HEL)....... 44
Andres Hernandez (COL). 43

S21 League Offensive Leaders

Batting Average

National League Batting AVG:

Patrick Knotts (OMA)... .350
Mac Aoki (COL)......... .346
John Yashian (COL)..... .333
Mike Jameson (HON)..... .328

American League Batting AVG:
York McNamara (NB)..... .329
Wilfredo Estrella (CH1) .324
Gabe Marshall (CHR).... .323
Kevin Rolls (CH1)...... .320

National League Hits:
John Yashian (COL).......211
Santos Santana (HON).....205
Albert Cairo (COL).......197
Mac Aoki (COL)...........192

American League Hits:
Kevin Rolls (CH1).......212 (T)
Geoffery Gentry (CHA)...212 (T)
Gabe Marshall (CHR).....206
Lou Bonham (PHI)........198

National League Home Runs:

John Yashian (COL)......56
Santos Santana (HON)....52
Jacque Kyung (NOR)......49
Del Henley (TB).........44

American League Home Run Leaders:

Joe Strange (CH1).......51
Kevin Rolls (CH1).......50
Pasqual Jimenez (SEA)...49
Brad Purcell (SLC)......49

National League RBI Leaders
John Yashian (COL)..... 151
Santos Santana (HON) ...134
Chuck Nicholas (PAW) ...133
Del Henley (TB) ........124

American League RBI Leaders
Kevin Rolls (CH1)...... 140 (T)
Jerry Nolasco (PIT) ....140 (T)
Pasqual Jimenez (SEA) ..131
Michael Harper (MEM) ...128

National League OPS
Patrick Knotts (OMA)... 1.060
Mac Aoki (COL)......... 1.057
John Yashian (COL)..... 1.043
Santos Santana (HON)... 1.038

American League OPS
Art Sweeney (CH1)....... .994
Brad Purcell (SLC)...... .990
Kevin Rolls (CH1) ...... .986
Chris Tobin (NB) ....... .985

National League Stolen Bases
Albert Moraga (NOR) 61
Bailey Darensbourg (JAC) 57
Manuel Encarnacion (CIN) 54
Aaron Bailey (BUR) 41 (T)
Johnnie Grimsley (JAX) 41 (T)
A.J. Bailes (LV) 41 (T)

American League Stolen Bases
Everth Rojas (OAK) 88
Torey LaFromboise (SEA) 64
Brad Spruill (CHR) 61
Edgard Polanco (MNT) 60

National League On Base Percentage
Patrick Knotts (OMA)... .476
Mike Jameson (HON)..... .442
Willie Martin (NY1).... .434
Mac Aoki (COL)......... .430

American League On Base Percentage
Alberto Ordonez (CHR).... .433
Denny Kida (CHR)......... .432
York McNamara (NB)....... .421
Benji Infante (LA)....... .413

National League Slugging Percentage
John Yashian (COL).. .655
Santos Santana (HON) .636
Mac Aoki (COL)...... .627

American League Slugging Percentage
Art Sweeney (CH1). .624
Brad Purcell (SLC) .621
Chris Tobin (NB).. .595

American League Runs Scored
Shea Brooks (CH1)....... 144
Geoffery Gentry (CHA)... 127
Kevin Rolls (CH1)....... 124
Fernando Rodriguez (CHA) 119

National League Runs Scored
Mac Aoki (COL) ..... 137
John Yashian (COL).. 127
Santos Santana (HON).124
Endy Horton (TB).... 120

World Series S19: Battle of Two Dynasties

World Series S19 rolled around as a battle between the two best records in the Majors: the 110 win Helena Handbaskets and their American League counterparts, the 108 win Chicago Billy Goats. The Billy Goats, the defending World Series champions, appeared poised to defend after sweeping Trenton in the League Championship Series and beating Washington 3-1 in the Division Championship Series. Helena came off of a tough 7-Game series with last season's NL champions, the Colorado Colorado Crush.

Game 1: Chicago Billy Goats at Helena Handbaskets (Gerardo Cedeno (18-8, 2.91 ERA in regular season) vs Julian Flores(21-6, 3.22 ERA in regular season))

The World Series opened in Helena, with Flores, the NL Cy Young winner matching nicely against Chicago's Cedeno, who had been lights out with a 3-0 record in the postseason. Helena struck early, with Joaquin Vega's solo shot in the 2nd inning, but Cedeno shut them down the rest of the way, silencing the Handbaskets at the rhythm of 10 strikeouts in 8 innings. Chicago's regular season 2B, Albert Bell, started at shortstop despite only starting there in 5 games during the regular season and was the engine behind their offense. Bell drove in 4 runs, including a 2-run homerun in the 6th.

Final Score: Chicago 7, Helena 1.
Player of the Game: Albert Bell, with 3 hits in 5 at bats and 4 RBI
Alberto Cedeno threw 8 solid innings, allowing 1 earned run and striking 10.

Game 2: Chicago Billy Goats at Helena Handbaskets
: (Joaquin Gil (21-4, 2.71 ERA in regular season) vs Alex Morlan (13-4, 2.48 ERA in regular season))

In an incredible pitching matchup, AL Cy Young winner Gil faced off against NL Rookie of the Year Morlan. Unfortunately, the Billy Goats' offense took off early, battering the 21 year old Helena rookie for 5 runs in the first inning and never looked back. Joaquin Gil pitched 7 solid innings.

Final Score: Chicago 8, Helena 3
Player of the Game: Joaquin Gil, pitched 7 innings, allowed 1 run, earned the win
Albert Bell, got 3 more hits in 5 at bats, including a homerun

Game 3: Helena Handbaskets at Chicago Billy Goats
: (Tomas Gonzales (15-8, 3.99 ERA in regular season) vs Joaquin Valentin (18-8, 4.27 ERA in regular season))

With the series shifting to Chicago, the game was a scoreless pitching duel for 8 innings, and tied at 1 for 11 innings. In the 11th inning, Billy Goat ss Albert Bell made his only hit of the night count, blasting a walk-off 3 run homerun off of Junior Otanez.

Player of the Game: Albert Bell, 3-run walkoff home run

Final Score: Helena 1, Chicago 4

Game 4: Helena Handbaskets at Chicago Billy Goats (Brian Wang (14-8, 3.65 ERA in regular season) vs Gerardo Cedeno (18-8, 2.91 ERA in regular season))

Gerardo Cedeno tossed a gem, with a 4 hit, complete game shutout of the Helena offense to clinch the World Series title for the Billy Goats. Ivan Pescado, Thom Monroe and Albert Bell each homered. Bell drove in 3 runs in 2 hits, stole a base and scored.

Final Score: Helena 0, Chicago 7.
Player of the Game: Alberto Cedeno threw a complete game shutout, 4 hits, 4 strikeouts, 0 walks.
Albert Bell, with 2 hits in 3 at bats and 3 RBI, SB

Chicago swept Helena and won the S19 World Series.

S19 League Leaders: Pitching Statistics

American League Wins

Joaquin Gil (CHI), 21
Jackie Little (WAS), 19
Ronnie Pierce (WAS), 19
Adam Phillips (SFE), 19
Gerardo Cedeno (CH1), 18
Joaquin Valentin (CH1), 18

National League Wins
Julian Flores (HEL), 21
Oscar Martin (BUF), 19
Santiago Johnson (COL), 16
Vincenzo Wall (OMA), 16
Cookie Ramirez (BUR), 15
Tomas Gonzales (HEL), 15
Miguel Duran (OMA), 15

American League ERA
Harry Regan (ATL), 2.67
Joaquin Gil (CH1), 2.71
Dustan Stoops (MEM), 2.73
Joe Parker (WAS), 2.80
Daniel Martin (LA), 2.82

National League ERA
Alex Morlan (HEL), 2.48
Dave Lewis (NOR), 2.57
Cozy Ponson (HOU), 2.65
Raul James (BAL), 2.73
Cookie Ramirez (BUR), 2.93

American League Saves
Alex Dellaero (WAS), 39
Felipe Colon (OAK), 37
R.J. Nunez (CHA), 35
Alex Martin (LA), 35
R.A. O'Keefe (ATL), 34

National League Saves
Al Canseco (HEL), 48
Benj Kent (POR), 46
Kirk O'Shea (RIC), 44
Willis Bale (OMA), 43
Robert Owens (BUR), 42

American League WHIP
Gerardo Cedeno (CHI), 1.03
Joaquin Gil (CH1), 1.06
Joe Parker (WAS), 1.09
Dustan Stoops (MEM), 1.11
Jackie Little (WAS), 1.11
Jose Lee (SEA), 1.11

National League WHIP
Alex Morlan (HEL), 1.02
Brian Wang (HEL), 1.15
Cozy Ponson (HOU), 1.15
Cookie Ramirez (BUR), 1.16
Bip Bartee (HOU), 1.19

American League OAV
Gerardo Cedeno (CHI), .210
Joe Parker (WAS), .216
Joaquin Gil (CH1), .221
Harry Regan (ATL), .224
Jose Lee (SEA), .224

National League OAV
Alex Morlan (HEL), .211
Bip Bartee (HOU), .228
Miguel Duran (OMA), .229
Dave Lewis (NOR), .230
Cozy Ponson (HOU), .230