New Owners Join Mathewson, Teams renamed

Today, the Mathewson League's Commisioner's office made official announcements about new owners joining the league and the franchise's new home cities and team names. The returning owners welcome the new members with open arms.

Montreal Maroons. The former New York Fadeaways, who made the post-season last season as a wild card team, has officially relocated to Montreal as the Maroons. The team is owned by experienced sports management group, Rubnsly, who has 8 previous seasons of professional baseball management in different leagues.

Charlotte Knights. Formerly the Wolfpack, Charlotte retains the team under a new name. This franchise is solid, with a relatively low payroll, solid talent that posted two consecutive winning seasons and should be competitive for a long time. The new ownership, Lone Ranger Inc, is new to baseball franchise management but hopes to remain within reach of a postseason berth that their predecessor missed by one game last season.

Santa Fe All Blacks. An experienced ownership group picked up the former Durham franchise, which lost 100 games last season. The new ownership, dshimoda, looks to return this franchise to the success it once had.

Boston Americans. Rookie owner Leslie Chow has jumped into big league management with the acquisition of several teams in several professional leagues. He is committed to improving on a Boston franchise that carries the historical record in franchise losses in this world. The first step was the rebranding of the franchise as the Boston Americans.

Minnesota Grape Apes. The former Montreal Monarchs franchise found itself without a home when the new ownership brought the Maroons into town, and Grapeape Management bought the team and relocated it to the Twin Cities, where it will carry the company name and be known as the Grape Apes.

Welcome to all the new owners and best of luck to all teams in the new Season.

Two franchises relocate for Season 18

The league commissioner announced today the relocation of two franchises, which will retain the same ownership.

The Tacoma Hammerheads, which were abandoned by their previous owner halfway through S17, found a new home in Utah's Salt Lake City, where they will be known as the Grizzlies. (How somebody convinced the commisioner that Salt Lake City is a northern city remains a mystery).

In the American League, the Nashville Banjo Bears relocated to another Southern city and changed their name to the Charleston Stingrays.

George Crandall named S17 World Series MVP

George Crandall was named S17 World Series MVP after pitching his team to 2 wins in the series. Crandall started four times in the post-season, including two stellar starts against Colorado in the World Series. The 26 yr old right hander had a season of ups and downs, following his first stint on the disabled list due to a shoulder injury. The injury limited Crandall to 154 innings and only 24 starts, both career lows in the majors. Crandall regained his form, pitching brilliantly since his return and shining in the World Series. "George is a tough competitor and he deserved the recognition for coming through for us as big as he did," said New Britain's GM Lyle Diekmann, "and that's why we locked him up to that contract. Crandall is our ace and he has even more awards in his future."

S17 Award Winners

Season 17 ML - NL MVP Award and votes
MVP: John Yashian, Colorado Crush - 16

Runner ups:
Santos Santana, Hammerheads - 10
Tomas Liriano, Shoeless Joes - 4
Tyler Merrick, Bison - 1
Joaquin Santiago, Bison - 1

Season 17 ML - AL MVP Award and votes

MVP: Shea Brooks, Billy Goats - 16

Runner ups:
Horacio Vallarta, Banjo Bears - 10
Endy Horton, Bombers - 2
David Lee, Bombers - 2
Pasqual Jimenez, Lightning - 2

Season 17 ML - NL Cy Young Award and votes
Cy Young: Jackie Little, Shoeless Joes - 18

Runner ups:
Bey Franco, Sizzle - 7
Hector Riley, Tars - 3
Tomas Gonzales, Handbaskets - 3
Andres Hernandez, Colorado Crush - 1

Season 17 ML - AL Cy Young Award and votes
Cy Young: Wolf Miller, Canyoneros - 24

Runner ups:
Harry Regan, Banjo Bears - 4
Julian Jimenez, Fadeaways - 2
Dennys Satou, Trappers - 1
Luis James, Trappers - 1

Season 17 ML - NL Rookie of the Year Award and votes
ROY: Del Butler, Bison- 22

Runner ups:
Angel Lopez, Wild Turkeys - 4
Don Hasegawa, Colorado Crush - 3
Walt Walker, Handbaskets - 2
Santiago Oliva, Riot - 1

Season 17 ML - AL Rookie of the Year Award and votes

ROY: Luis James, Trappers -21

Runner ups:
Pasqual Jimenez, Lightning - 6
James Suzuki, Canyoneros - 2
Pascual James, Steers - 2
Welington Gandarillas, Minute Men - 1

S17 Pitching Leaders by League

National League

Wins (W)
1 Bey Franco (JAC) 21
2 O.T. Ferrara (BUR) 18
3 (T) Del Butler (BUR) 17
3 (T) Jackie Little (CH2) 17
5 Oscar Martin (COL) 16

Earned Run Average (ERA)
1 Dave Lewis (NOR) 1.87
2 Jackie Little (CH2) 2.68
3 Tomas Gonzales (HEL) 2.72
4 Juan Cora (HEL) 2.80
5 Del Butler (BUR) 2.92

Saves (S)
1 Esteban Sosa (JAC) 47
2 Hector Riley (NOR) 46
3 (T) Robert Owens (BUR) 41
3(T) Al Canseco (HEL) 41
5 Andres Hernandez (COL) 38

1(T) Vincenzo Wall (OMA) 1.08
1(T) Juan Marin (HEL) 1.08
3 Tomas Gonzales (HEL)1.11
4 Jackie Little (CH2) 1.11
5 Juan Cora (HEL) 1.11

American League

Wins (W)
1 Wolf Miller (LA) 25
2 (T) Brooks Reames (CH1) 18
2 (T) James Suzuki (LA) 18
2 (T)Louie Gonzalez (NB) 18
2 (T) Dennys Satou (SAL) 18
2 (T) Omar Gilbert (SAL) 18

Earned Run Average (ERA)
1 Harry Regan (NAS) 2.31
2 Luis James (SAL) 2.47
3 Wolf Miller (LA) 2.79
4 Ivan Henriquez (SEA) 3.12
5 Brooks Reames (CH1) 3.14

Saves (S)
1 Julian Jimenez (NY2) 47
2 Alex Dellaero (BOS) 43
3 R.J. Nunez (CHA) 37
4 Felipe Colon (OAK) 36
5 Clarence Torrealba (NAS) 35

1 Harry Regan (NAS) 1.11
2(T) Brooks Reames (CH1) 1.14
2(T) Wolf Miller (LA) 1.14
4(T) Ivan Henriquez (SEA) 1.17
4(T) Luis James (SAL) 1.17

S17 Offensive Leaders by League

National League
Batting Average (AVG)

John Yashian, COL .... .343
Mariano Gonzalez, COL. .335
Santos Santana, TAC .. .321
Tomas Liriano, CH2.... .320
Ross Carter, LV ...... .319

Home Runs (HR)
Geronimo Martis, NOR - 58
John Yashian, COL - 51
Norm Parris, NOR - 47
Art Sweeney, POR - 43
Chris Tobin, JAC -39

Runs Scored (R)
Mariano Gonzalez, COL -138
Albert Hernandez, IND - 127
Brendan Lee, HEL - 118
Pasqual Martin, BUR - 116
Santos Santana, TAC - 116

Hits (H)
John Yashian, COL - 218
Albert Hernandez, IND - 213
Santos Santana, TAC - 211
Mariano Gonzalez, COL -210
Tomas Liriano, CH2- 203

Runs Batted In (RBI)
John Yashian, COL - 143
Ben Morris, IND - 126
Geronimo Martis, NOR -126
Larry Dupler, HEL -121
Parker McIntyre, BUF - 118

On Base Percentage (OBP)
Mariano Gonzalez, COL -.417
John Yashian, COL - .399
Hugh Stargell, JAC - .394
Santos Santana, TAC - .389
Chris Tobin, JAC - .388

John Yashian, COL - 1.036
Geronimo Martis, NOR - 1.034
Mariano Gonzalez, COL - .950
Chris Tobin, JAC - .945
Santos Santana, TAC - .943

Stolen Bases (SB)
Albert Moraga (NOR) 57
Bailey Darensbourg (JAC) 55
Melvin Lawrence (BUR) 46
Brendan Lee (HEL) 44
Trevor Bellhorn (OMA) 38

American League
Batting Average (AVG)

1 Horacio Vallarta (NAS) .372
2 Alberto Ordonez (TRE) .349
3 Russell Leonard (CHA) .337
4 Wilfredo Estrella (CH1) .329
5 Luis Lee (NB) .324

Home Runs

1 (T) Shea Brooks (CH1) 52
1 (T) Bruce Relaford (TEX) 52
3 Kevin Rolls (CH1) 46
4 Fernando Rodriguez (CHA) 45
5 Michael Harper (MEM) 45

Runs Scored

1 Fernando Rodriguez (CHA) 132
2 Shea Brooks (CH1) 126
3 Ken Easley (MEM) 122
4 Hick Delahanty (SAL) 122
5 Bruce Relaford (TEX) 114

1 Fernando Rodriguez (CHA) 206
2 Tripp Patel (CHA) 199
3 Richie Johnson (DUR) 197
4 Horacio Vallarta (NAS) 195
5 Gabe Marshall (TRE) 193

1 Bruce Relaford (TEX) 141
2 Kevin Rolls (CH1) 137
3 Lonny Pujols (LA) 137
4 Endy Horton (NB) 137
5 Fernando Rodriguez (CHA) 135

1 Horacio Vallarta (NAS) .440
2 Alberto Ordonez (TRE) .436
3 Patrick Knotts (SAL) .431
4 Russell Leonard (CHA) .421
5 Juan Colon (MON) .408

1 Horacio Vallarta (NAS)1.047
2 Alexander Green (DUR) 1.005
3 Patrick Knotts (SAL) .997
4 Kevin Rolls (CH1) .996
5 Shea Brooks (CH1) .995

Stolen Bases
Aaron Bailey (NAS) 60
Julio Alcantara (SXF) 53
Edgard Polanco (SXF) 51
Evan Spencer (OAK) 47
Hick Delahanty (SAL) 47