Q & A with the Owners (loneranger)

Second in a series (by 69cubs)

Charlotte Knights owner, loneranger, is on his 6th season in Mathewson. He has compiled a 408-402 (.504) record going into this season with one wild card appearance. His Knights have won 90 games each of the last 2 seasons, but each time, his team finished 4th as that AL East division has some tough teams in it.

Overall in HBD, he has compiled a 1000-1106 (.475) record (13 completed seasons) with 2 wild card appearances all together.
On with the........

Q & A with loneranger

Favorite MLB team:
New York Yankees

Favorite MLB players:
Robinson Cano & Jay Bruce

Favorite HBD players:
currently, Jose Martis & all time, Geoffry Gentry (hated to trade him)

Significance of user name:
I grew up in the 50's and My Dad & I would always watch the Lone Ranger together...Have several autographs and collectibles, including the 1st magazine dating back to 1938.

Favorite Non-Baseball team/sport:
Louisville Cardinals, college basketball & Detroit Lions (no laughs please).

Born in Stamford, CT...Moved to Milford, CT in 1978 with my lovely wife, Ann. Attended CIT and then worked for GECC as an Operations Manager. Last March, we had our first grandchild, Molly Elizabeth, who is our life!
I coached youth basketball for 12 years and Little League for 4 years. member of the K of C. I have retired after 43 years of working.

Favorite Mathewson moment:
NONE so far, have been denied playoff berths the last 2 seasons thanks to "jpelot", "jmagliaro" & "plymouth71"!

Least favorite teams to face:
"jpelot" (Chicago Billy Goats) & "hoyanoel" (Colorado Colorado Crush).

One tip you can share with all:
Are you sure you want a tip from someone who has not won a division?!?
Do your homework on amateur prospects.

Thank You "loneranger" as we ride off in the sunset awaiting our next owner's Q & A!

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