Q & A with the owners! (69cubs)

69cubs here,
I want to start a regular post with a Q & A session with different owners. We (Mathewson owners) have been together for a long time on the most part and what better way to have a stronger league than the owners knowing each other. I know a few of the owners currently outside of the HBD world and a few others from the past of this world. I always try and get some friends joining when there are openings. I would suggest that for all of you also. If you have someone you want to join, let me know and we can put them on a waiting list when the world rollovers and there are openings. The more you know each other, the better the rivalries will become for some.
So, without much more, let me explain what I will post. I came up with a list of questions. Other owners might include other questions that they want to include. I will ask each of you to participate and post the answers regularly. You can take the questions I put down for myself or add your own.
So, let's get started.

First off, we start with 69cubs, Mathewson World commissioner and owner of the Honolulu Volcanoes and an owner in the Mathewson World since day 1. In HBD, a total of 25 completed seasons with a 1986-2064 (.490) record with 2 division titles and 6 playoff appearances. In Mathewson, has a 1718-1846 (.482) record with one division title and 3 WC playoff appearances.

On with the Q & A with 69cubs

Favorite current MLB Team/Player:
Chicago White Sox - Paul Konerko

Favorite All -Time player:
Tom Seaver - as I grew up and played ball, I always looked to have his number.

Favorite All-Time Mathewson Player:
Santos Santana – yes he is one of the best currently, but when I acquired him, I was ecstatic!

Significance of user name:
Being a White Sox fan, you may ask, "why a cubs name?". That is easy, the 1969 Chicago Cubs is recognized as one of the biggest "choke" jobs in MLB history, and being a White Sox fan, that is one of the items (besides the Cub's World Series futility) that a Sox fan could throw at a Cub fan in the crosstown rivalry I grew up with.

Favorite Non-Baseball Sport Team:
Chicago Bears

Born and raised in the Chicago area before I headed east recently and now living (and working) in Eastern PA.

Played baseball, basketball and football through high school. Now I coach baseball and basketball to the grade school boys through the local youth association. I also stay active with basketball weekly, softball and when I am coaching baseball, will get a little of that in also with other coaches.

Favorite Mathewson moment/game:
Winning my first division title in Season 22. Then making it to the LCS in the NL.

Mathewson Team you least like to face:
Colorado, year in and year out this team is always one of the best in Mathewson. Plus, that HR park of his!That is why winning the division in season 22 was a great moment for my franchise. Colorado, along with Las Vegas and Omaha made the battle more satisfying as any of the 4 teams could just as easily won the division with the right breaks!

One tip you can give to all owners:
Save budget room for during the season to acquire a veteran from another team or sign a free agent because of an injury. Sometimes, you might not have a AAA player who can help your team because of an injury and there may be a FA who can help you more!

This first one was not so bad, at least I didn't "choke" on it like a certain team in the ownername! Let's keep this Q & A rolling with all owners involved!

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