Q & A with the Owners (unitedcenter)

10th in a series (by 69cubs)

The history of unitedcenter is a strange one. One of the original owners in Mathewson. He owned the current Cleveland Tribes from seasons 1 thru 16 with the exception of season 10. Rumors have it that due to illegal recruiting of international prospects, he was given a one season suspension (writer's note-just messing with you unitedcenter)! During his time with this franchise, he posted a 1309-1121 (.539) record with 4 division titles and one WC appearance, making 1 World Series appearance.

He was not around at the beginning of season 17, but reappeared during the season to takeover the current Milwaukee Braves and finish that season and then season 18 compiling a 175-149 (.540) record.

Season 23 has the return of unitedcenter for his 18th season in Mathewson as he is running the Toronto Raptors in a division where his original franchise of 15 seasons also resides.

Outside of Mathewson, unitedcenter has not feared as well, 4 seasons, 288-360 (.444) record.

On with the Q & A with unitedcenter

Favorite MLB team:
Chicago White Sox

Favorite All-Time and/or current MLB player(s):
Dick Allen,1B White Sox slugger for 3 seasons in early 70's played with several teams.
Currently, it is Mark Buerhle, then he left the team to go to Florida!

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All-time:
I have a few from the early seasons:
1) Mickey Carpenter - (21-6) in season 1, but was a post season flop for me in seasons 1 thru 3.
2) Carlos Rincon - 104 steals in season 8, I pushed him for HOF, but, his stats are now becoming less outstanding as others are finishing their careers. Still, lots of SBs and very high OBA!
3) Robinson Dixon - my HBD version of Dick Allen (see above)

Currently, I am becoming a huge fan of my 1st round draft pick this season, Mo Sierra.

Significance of team name and/or username:
unitedcenter is the home of the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Black Hawks.

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
In this order, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears & Chicago Black hawks after the White Sox.

Born in Chicago, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I travel a lot for work, this past summer, visited outside of USA for the first time with 3 visits to Toronto area (current team name). I mostly travel Midwest and NE region.
Played sports throughout high school, football, basketball & baseball, eliminated football after freshman year (to focus on other sports), basketball after Sophomore year (stopped growing in 8th grade, was a center in junior high, but a guard in high school who could not dribble like a guard) and baseball after junior year (injury). Still play in pickup games/leagues when time permits in basketball and baseball.

Favorite Mathewson moment:
World Series appearance in season 2, even though I lost to t2bott (Louisville Wild Turkeys) and the hitting of Domingo Dali (25 RBIs for him in 15 playoff games that season)

Team you most dislike to face:
I would not say dislike, but thurmodore came into Mathewson and my divison dominance went away and he was on top of division for awhile.
Currently I would say lylediekmann as he is the "goal" for this divison to reach. We need to beat New Britain to take this division.

One tip you can share with all:
Grow some of your own talent and keep some of them for the future of your team. If you have enough talent in the minors, you can still trade some without depleting your farm system (see Colorado!)

Thank You unitedcenter! Welcome back, now if you can just get your team as good as those Bulls, you will be back battling at the top!

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