Elephant Resurgence in the Bay (story by pelot)

At first glance, the Oakland Elephant's season looks like a disappointment: a 38-51 record amidst another season of rebuilding while trailing division leader Honolulu by 7 games. But take a careful look, and you see that a new era of baseball is about to start by the Bay in Oakland, CA. Today, the Elephants announced that they will promote their two top prospects: Starting pitcher Steven Reith and ss Tony Miranda. These two recent top draft picks have proven they can do it in the minors, and now they are determined to be the cogs that turn the Major League team around. The rising stars have been told that they will be promoted after the All-Star break. In much excitement, Steven Reith said “There is a lot of pressure on me being the top prospect in the history of this organization, but I’m ready for the pressure and look forward to getting this franchise turned around”. Tony Miranda stated “I’m looking forward to being in the Bigs with Jason Elder - that man is a complete player and look forward to learning a lot from him, and taking this team from the depths of the AL West to the top in the coming seasons”. Oakland hasn’t had a winning season in years, but the light at the end of the tunnel has certainly appeared for the Elephants. With a deep farm system ready to explode onto the Major League in the coming years, Oakland's resurgence has started now.

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