Parker McIntyre hits career homeruns 600 and 601

St. Louis, MO - The shot came in the top of the 6th. With St. Louis leading 3-2, Alex Velazquez left a curveball hanging a bit too long to an unforgiving Parker McIntyre. Within seconds, the ball sailed deep over the RF Rolando Lucano's head and over the wall. As Lucano and Velazquez looked at the ball, McIntire slowly rounded around first base and the giant screen flashed "600". Gameplay halted and the St. Louis crowd gave McIntire a standing ovation, realizing the magnitude of what they had witnessed , even though their team had just given up the lead. Gameplay was temporarily halted as fans, opponents and teammates greeted McIntyre
and congratulated him on his milestone.

The homecrowd reaction was a lot more frigid when McIntyre hit his second homer of the night - a 3 Run shot that gave the Blizzard an 8-3 lead over St. Louis. With career HRs 600 and 601, McIntyre is only the second major leaguer to reach the 600 career landmark. The perennial all-star first baseman of the Buffalo Blizzard is only 29 yrs old, and has never been injured in his entire career. McIntyre is the leading MVP candidate, and once again is leading the league in homers.

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