First Overall Draft Pick Signs to $9+ million Bonus

Washington, OK - King Ray, the first overall pick of this season's draft, agreed to a professional contract with the New Orleans Fifth Ward Reds. According to sources close to the negotiations, the deal includes a record-setting $9.2 million bonus in addition to a spring training invite for next season. At a press conference held in the gym of Ray's alma-mater, Washington High School, in Washington OK, Doug Grahamm, GM for the New Orleans team announced the agreement while introducing the 18 yr old All-American baseball star. In a statement, Grahamm said "We felt like King Ray was the best player out there, and he is the type of franchise player that you want to build a franchise around. We are glad that we worked out a deal that we are all happy with."

King Ray was an all-star shortstop for his High School team, the Washington Warriors, smashing all regional offensive High school records with an unrivaled combination of power, contact and plate discipline. He projects to be a major league third baseman or corner outfielder.
Ray was assigned to Rookie League, where he is expected to make his professional debut tonight. Main street Washington, OK (pictured below) was abuzz with the excitement of the multi-million dollar signing. Ray's high school counselor and baseball coach, Bill Savage, said: "We are very proud of King, and we know he will never forget his humble roots or the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon him. King is a very mature young man and we know he will be a star in every sense of the word and a role model for our town".
If accurate, this would be the 3rd largest signing bonus in history, following Patrick Knotts ($10.34 million) and Joaquin Santiago ($9.25 million)

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