Saint Louis Kamikazes off to a great start

This is a team that lost 97 games last year and 93 the year before. Check.
This is a team that moved cities after ownership threw in the white flag. Check.
This is a team that cutback payroll and shifted money into scouting and prospect payroll. Check.
This is the team leading the NL North. uhh... Check.

The Saint Louis Kamikazes have turned a few heads in what was written off as a "rebuilding" season by league rivals. After being picked by only 4% of reporters to win the division, and most likely to finish 3rd (behind Portland and Columbus), the Kamikazes are tied for first place in the division. Gone are veterans Britt George, Jerome Milliard and Glenn Parker, but Miguel Duran has finally stepped up as staff pitching ace in a rotation that has started 8 diferent pitchers, and Rookie of the Year Miguel Nunez has been impressive in his sophomore season while shifting from SS to CF. Offseason acquisition Cliff Smart has anchored the bullpen (15 saves), and the Kamikazes are capitalizing on early season struggles by the Portland Rain. Catcher Benito Elcano, a career .253 hitter signed as a free agent in the offseason, has hit .336 since starting regularly for St. Louis while providing excellent defense behind the plate.

How the Kamikazes are leading without major all-star names is a mystery to most, but not to the Saint Louis faithful who show up every night to watch their blue-collar, gritty team compete against the best. "Our manager has shown an uncanny ability to get the most out of our team, and motivates us to give 110% day in and day out." said 37 yr old pitching veteran Brett Bailey."We are just a bunch of guys wanting to show that we are better than we were given credit for and that we have what it takes to win". While many critics think this the team is overperforming, this team plays to win, has nothing to lose and is here to give it all and win or die trying.

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