New Orleans inks International Pitching Prospect Rosado

El Seibo, Dominican Republic - The New Orleans Fifth Ward Reds announced the signing of 18yr  old pitching prospect Ricardo Rosado after offering him a $13.2 million signing bonus. Rosado, who has been working out in a training complex outside of Santo Domingo, said "I am looking forward to being a part of a team that will have a lot  to offer, compete and get that  ring someday". Rosado is a 3-pitch pitcher with lots of upswing, although critics have cited his temper, lack of stamina and poor control as  hurdles that he will have to overcome during his minor league development. 

The  head of Dominican scouting  for another organization claimed that Rosado is significantly older than his birth certificate shows, although he asked to remain anonymous. "Look at this guy's frame - not  many 18 yr olds look like an NFL running back". Rosado's father has stated that Rosado has a strict workout routine -  " What  can I  say -  he matured early, he takes care of his body, and he has excellent genes".

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