Q & A with the Owners (todzilla)

19th in a series (by 69cubs)

Next up is an owner, another one with us from day 1, that was among the best (10 straight seasons over 90 victories) for many seasons, until his HOFers retired. Now, he is back in the rebuilding mode trying to regain the glory. Buffalo Blizzard and owner todzilla is who I am referring to.

Except for season 22, where Boston was their home (and coincidentally had their worst record ever and lowest payroll) as Dunn Tire Park was being renovated, Buffalo has been their home for the franchise's history.

In Mathewson, todzilla has guided this Blizzard to a 1884-1680 (.529) with 7 division titles, 2 wild card appearances, 4 World Series appearances and 2 World Series titles!

Overall in HBD, 3908-3544 (.524) in 46 seasons with 11 titles, 10 WC and the 2 Mathewson championships.

On with the Q & A with todzilla

Favorite MLB Team:
I loved the Cardinals growing up, the '85 team is my all time favorite. I used to be able to get KMOX on my transistor radio and listened to Jack Buck.
Now that I live in Colorado, I cheer for the Rockies!

Favorite all-time and/or current player(s):
Willie McGee is my all time favorite, currently I would say Troy Tulowitski.

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All time:
Favorite is Parker McIntyre, he was my first round pick in season one. Very proud that my trio of HOF guys (McIntyre, Shigetoshi, and Guardado) all played for my franchise their entire careers.

Significance of team name and/or username:
I grew up in Buffalo and if you've been there in the winter, well you know. Todzilla is just a fun name that I could never get anyone to call me.

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
Buffalo Bills and Sabres...love football and hockey.

I grew up in Buffalo and have lived in the Denver Area for the past 16 years. I have a 4 year old daughter. I went to Alfred State college for 2 years and finished my BA at SUNY Fredonia.

I work for AAA in Colorado, I manage 2 of the walk in facilities for Travel, Insurance, etc....

Favorite Mathewson moment:
My first World Series in season 5. Everything came together in that season, big hitters and good enough pitching and a few fortunate in season pick ups.

Team you most dislike to face:
I've had a lot of battles with zoobaseballs teams over the years. I have a love hate with Colorado, it was fun to play there, especially when my hitting was good, but it sure hurts the pitching staff. We also traded LCS wins in back to back seasons.

One tip you can share with all:
Don't rush your top prospects to the majors, give them time to develop and max out those ratings.
Have a plan for your franchise and stick to it.

Thank You todzilla! From Buffalo to Denver (coincidentally, the next Q & A is with Colorado), if you ever wanted to be a skier, you are in the right locations!

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