Q & A with the Owners (hoyanoel)

20th in a series (by 69cubs)

Q & A #20 brings us to an owner, who has more victories than any other owner in Mathewson, who's franchise has more victories than any other franchise in Mathewson history, and more playoff games (and playoff victories) than any other owner in Mathewson!

An owner with 15 1st place, 6 2nd place (5 wild card appearances) and 1 3rd place finish (season 5, but still a wild card appearance) in 22 seasons, even though 4 of first 5 seasons, he did not win the division. Has been in the playoffs 21 of 22 seasons (only missing season 15 but still with an above .500 record). Five World Series appearances (unfortunately no World Series championships yet).

Only 2 seasons below .500 (a first and 2nd place finish in these seasons, both with 80 victories).

If I did not have his name in the title, most of you would already know who I was talking about, one of the most respected owners with one of the most "feared" teams (and ballpark), that is hoyanoel and his Colorado Colorado Crush!

In Mathewson and 22 completed seasons, he has a 2075-1489 (.582) record. Outside of Mathewson, hoyanoel, in 18 seasons, has compiled a 1431-1485 (.491) record with 10 division titles (no additional wild card appearances).

On with the Q & A with hoyanoel

Favorite MLB Team:
Cincinnati Reds

Favorite all-time and/or current player(s):
Don't really have a favorite player, but I'm a huge Jim "leather pants" Bowden fan. I also enjoyed hearing the interviews with the late Ernie Harwell.

Favorite Mathewson player(s) current and/or All time:
By far, it would have to be Brad Green. He was one of the 2 greatest players in this world. John Yashian was well on his well to being one of those franchise great players, but he wanted to test the free agent market.

Significance of team name and/or username:
I got it from the host of a radio show I listened to a long time ago (the Fabulous Sport's Babe).

Favorite non-baseball team/sport:
The Georgetown Hoyas. I've been a fan since i can ever remember.

I live just little north of Cincinnati, where I'm married with 2 daughters (one was born just after Thanksgiving). After playing traveling softball for 10 years, my time now is spent driving to girl scouts, gymnastics, and play dates.

I managed a logistic company that warehouses and deliveries fitness equipment (both retail and commercial) in the state of Ohio.

Favorite Mathewson moment:
Of the 22 completed seasons, I've made the playoffs every year but 1. I've been fortune to make the World Series 5 times, where I've always lost.

Three things that stick out:
1) Having Brad Green for 18 years.
2) IFA signing of Santiago Johnson. ( I've never had a good pitcher till signing him).
3) Missing out on IFA Harry Javier by less than a million dollars. I think he'll end up being 1 of the best hitters this world has ever seen.

Team you most dislike to face:
Chicago Billy Goats, and New Britian Bombers. They both have owned me forever.

One tip you can share with all:
There are many different ways you can win at this. Find a plan you like and stick with it. Ratings isn't the "end all, be all". In the end it's the numbers that get used, not the player's rating.

Thank You hoyanoel! I don't think you will miss out on that elusive World Series championship too many seasons longer, you are one of the favorites every season to be there at the end!

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