The S14 World Series is a rematch ; Bombers get their revenge

The S14 World Series saw a rematch between last season's winners: the Portland Rain and the New Britain Bombers. When it was all said and done, New Britain would get their revenge after 6 games... and here is how it all went down:

Game 1: Portland at New Britain. New Britain's George Crandall matched up against Portland's
Bip Bartee. Bartee, 18-7 in the regular season, pitched a complete game while Crandall's post season woes continued to the beat of 5 runs in 6 1/3 innings. The Rain hit 3 homeruns, one each by Art Sweeney, Willie Lopez and Derrek Silva. Andres Beltre went 5 for 5 with 2 RBI.

Final Score: Portland 10, New Britain 3

Game 2: Portland at New Britain. Portland jumped to an early 5-0 lead, but the Rain's starter, Cody Miles, ran out of steam in the 5th and allowed the Bombers to tie it. Despite regaining the lead, the Portland bullpen could not hold it and New Britain would win it 9-7. The Bombers'
D'Angelo Gil hit a 3 run HR, while JT Stowers, Luis Lee and Carlos Lee got 2 hits a piece.

Final Score: Portland 7, New Britain 9

Game 3: New Britain at Portland. Starters Louie Gonzalez and Vic Cordero pitched extremely well, giving their teams a chance to win. After several bullpen changes, this game would go into extra innings, where
David Lee would hit a solo HR in the 11th off of Portland's Max Almonte.

Final Score: Portland 2, New Britain 3

Game 4: New Britain at Portland. In the second game in a NL home park and no DH,
Bip Bartee threw another complete game for the Rain, keeping his team in the game by allowing 3 runs in 9 innings. However, the Rain's offense would come up short and New Britain would take a 3-1 seris lead. Marcus Perry started for New Britain and picked up the win in 5+ innings of work before turning it over to the bullpen. The Bombers runs came through homeruns. With Portland leading 2-0 in the 5th, outfielder Sal Greene hit a 2-Run shot to tie the game. D'Angelo Gil hit a solo shot in the 6th, and that would be enough for New Britain to secure the win.

Final Score: Portland 2, New Britain 3

Game 5 : New Britain at Portland. The Rain's pitching would help their team live another day by shutting down the powerful bombers. 17-game winner
Cody Miles threw 6 shutout innings before being lifted for Frank Shigetoshi and rookie closer Benj Kent. Javy Sierra took the loss for New Britain.

Final Score: New Britain 0, Portland 2

Game 6: Portland at New Britain. Game 6 moved back to New Britain, where the Bombers made true to their name and CRUSHED the Rain in front of a sellout hometown crowd. The Bombers hit 6 homeruns. DH Mike Fox hit 4 hits, and CF Thomas Serrano hit a pair of homers.
Carlos Lee hit a 3-Run Homer to decisively give his team the lead in the 5th inning. 38 year old Sean Donovan, a future Hall of Famer, appeared in relief for the Rain, but didn't fare any better than his comrades.

Final Score: New Britain 21, Portland 8
New Britain wins the World Series

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