Coming and going between seasons

With the winter meetings due to start next week, a flurry of franchise moves and early retirements have started making highlights :

1. The El Paso Fighting Tacos become the Jackson Sizzle. Following a dispute with the city of El Paso, who raised their demands for a lease to play at their home stadium, the Fighting Tacos decided to pack up their tortillas and move on to a more welcoming city. In changing their name, the league's favorite mascot will cease to exist as the team repackages their image.

2. The St. Louis Kamikazes move to Cleveland, and will be known as the Wildebeests. After 4 years in St. Louis, the management group behind this franchise decided to relocate the team after former majority owner Cliff Treefisenn sold all of his shares. This franchise compiled a .500 record last season and has a lot of upswing in a tough division.

3. The New Orleans franchise relocates to Little Rock after 6 years in Cajun country, becoming the Devils. This franchise had previously been in Little Rock, and the big city in Arkansas is glad to have their once demonized team back, even if their new team name is a far cry from their tradition as Christian gentlemen. Hand out.

4. Scottsdale Raiders move to St Louis and become the St. Louis Dispatch. On the same day that the gateway to the West lost their Kamikazes, the league announced that a new team would move into the latest reincarnation of Busch Stadium. An ownership group spearheaded through a local newspaper spearheaded efforts to bring the former Scottsdale franchise to St. Louis. The city is looking forward to meeting the new faces in town and to giving some stability to this franchise.

5. Sioux Falls Cougars relocates and becomes the Pawtucket Red Sox. Under a totally new ownership team, they hope to draw from their Northeastern roots to move into the future.

6. Mexico City moves to Nashville and will be known as the Banjo Bears. The league's winningest franchise relocated last season to Mexico City on a trial basis, and headed north across the border to land in Nashville. The wolves had become los lobos and will now be the Southern city's Banjo bears.

7. Salem Whips are now the Salem Trappers. Same team, same city, same owner, new brand and new name should reenergize this team.

8. Cincinnati Redlegs Revenge relocate to Indianapolis, sill be the Redlegs. After the bulk of this franchise's existence being in Cincinnati, dwindling attenadance forced management to relocate to the more favorable lands of Indianapolis, where the team will drop "revenge" from their name.

1. Jimmie Henley - The 38 yr old Jimmie Henley had a 13 year major league career, primarily as a CF and 2B. Known as an aggresive baserunner (298 career stolen bases) with a propensity to strike out a lot, Henley was a one-time All Star with the Bison and a Gold Glove CF for the late Washington Dukes franchise. He played last season in the minors.

2. Keith Durham - The 35 yr old Durham was a 4-time Gold-Glove CF in a 12 year ML career. He spent last season attempting a comeback in the Redlegs' minor league system.

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