Surprises Guaranteed For The Postseason (story by sac_lambs)

While the major league playoff brackets have yet to be filled, one thing is certain - whatever happens during the regular season means nothing in the playoffs. Mathewson World has a tremendous history of unpredictability once the postseason begins.

1. Season 5 - Charlotte (118-44) - The Wolfpack put together an incredible 10-year streak of 100-plus wins.Three of those teams topped the .700 win percentage mark. This was the best of the bunch.

2. Season 9 - Milwaukee (117-45). And, if you can believe it, Colorado (109-53) had a monster Season 9 as well, but also lost too soon in the playoffs.

3. Season 7 - Memphis (116-46). Defending WS champs got swept in the finals in four straight by an 84-78 Las Vegas team in the biggest upset in title series history.

4. Season 7 Buffalo (111-51). Aforementioned champion Las Vegas shot them down as well en route to the title.

5. Season 4 Trenton (108-54) A great regular season just didn't translate to postseason success.

Seasons 10, 11 - New Britain. Two wonderful teams that broke the 100-win mark but could not get past the first round either season.

1. Season 6 - Memphis (114-48) - The Blues Boys featured five impending Hall of Famers in their prime: IF Valentin, C Kareem
Nunnally, SP Magee, SP Kinkade, RP Gonzales. Six All-Stars, four Sliver Sluggers, the AL MVP, the AL Rookie of the Year and the AL Fireman of the Year. Lost only one game in postseason.

2. Season 2 - Louisville (108-54) - Lest we forget, the Wild Turkeys were the best franchise as Mathewson World debuted, winning 100-plus games in four straight years. John Russ drove in 170 runs while Sean Donovan, arguably Mathewson World's greatest starting pitcher, anchored an exceptional pitching staff.

3. Season 11 - Buffalo (101-61) - The Blizzard were solid in every phase, but may have been the best offensive team in Mathewson history. Phil Zheng flirted with hitting .400 and Parker McIntyre hit 76, count 'em 76, homers. Buffalo won it all in Season 5, but this team was better.

4. Season 3 - Charlotte (106-56) - No ifs, ands or buts, Charlotte is the crown jewel franchise in Mathewson World and this is the only championship Wolfpack unit. Try these numbers out: Watson 77 stolen bases, Moya 156 RBI, Vega 154 RBI, Hines 116 RBI, with Cooper as the pitching ace. Lost only three games in postseason.

5. Season 10 - Trenton (93-69) - This team was 62-100 only two seasons earlier. Leonard hit .362 with a .654 slugging percentage. Baxter won the Cy Young Award and the Fire had three gold glovers, including Pineda and Fernandez in the middle infield.

Season 8 - Las Vegas (84-78) - Made the postseason by winning on the last day of the regular season, then upset four straight opponents to win it all, including a 4-0 sweep in the title series against defending champ Memphis. The High Rollers had a better team in winning the Season 4 championship, but the Season 8 champs were "Destiny's Darlings".

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