San Antonio is Raising the Bar – Not Just a Show Horse (by canadadry)

For years, the MLB team that now plays in San Antonio played third string to its counterparts in Charlotte and Memphis. While every season was contested for a long 162 game schedule it seemed a forgone conclusion, year after year, that regardless of order of Charlotte and Memphis the third spot in the American League South was reserved for the hapless franchise now hailing from San Antonio. But last year that finally changed. With the insurgent tenacity that their name sake would suggest, the San Antonio Stallions pressured their way through the season, managing to leg out the Memphis squad by one game to claim the second spot in the AL South and also to secure a playoff berth as the final Wild Card team. And as so often happens, confidence bred confidence, the Stallions carried their momentum into the playoffs and knocking out long time division rival, Charlotte in the first round and then sweeping the powerhouse Bombers from New Britain to claim the Division Champion crown.But was it just a flash in the pan? Was it just a matter of percentages? Sooner or later every team squeaks a little further than it should….right?

This season the San Antonio Stallions have proven that last year’s rise to their best record ever (94-68) was not just a fluke. With 78 wins after 124 games played they are on pace to break the century mark for wins this season. And the division lead, which once seemed reserved for only Charlotte or Memphis, is a tangible, realistic goal. But like a horse with blinders, the San Antonio Stallions are keeping their head down and their feet low. They aren’t willing to settle for another rung up the divisional ladder. They got a taste for post-season success last year and they’ve raised the bar. The finish line isn’t 162 games out any more…it’s 14 wins past that!

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