NL wins Extra-Inning All-Star Game Affair

The National League took the Season 11 All-Star game with a 6-run 11th inning at Knights Castle Stadium. With the game tied at 4, the Nationals scored 6 runs off of the combined relief efforts of Oakland Elephant's Felipe Colon (1/3 IP, 2H, 2 ER) and the New Britain Bombers' Bump Ponson (0 IP, 2H, 3ER, 2R). Sandy Wilson took the loss after facing giving a leadoff walk to El Paso's Omar Pena. Perennial All-Star Parker McIntyre hit 2 HR's to be named the game's MVP in his 7th All-Star game appearance. A day earlier, McIntyre came up short by 7 HRs to Blizzard teammate Tommy Ransom in the home run derby.

With teams full of first timers and established stars, here are the Season 11 All-Stars Starting Lineups and Team Rosters:

National League

LF Brad Green, Colorado Crush
DH Endy Horton, Fighting Tacos
1B Parker McIntyre, Blizzard
CF Robb Gant, Rain
C Eduardo Silva, Colorado Crush
SS Rey Shigetoshi, Blizzard
3B Leo Billingsley, Colorado Crush
RF John Hutch, Colorado Crush
2B Albert DeSoto, Colorado Crush
SP Rodrigo Jimenez, Flatlanders

C Ricardo Alomar, Fifth Ward Reds
1B Carlos Franco, Colorado Crush
3B Omar Pena, Fighting Tacos
SS Julio Lima, Handbaskets
LF Ross Carter, high rollers
CF Butch Connelly, high rollers
RF Tommy Ransom, Blizzard

P Julian Jimenez, high rollers
P Pepper Harang, high rollers
P Don Gonzales, Blizzard
P Jose Amaro, Bison
P Marty Boyer, Flatlanders
P Robert Howry, Colorado Crush
P Will Meadows, high rollers
P Cliff Smart, KAMIKAZES
P Miguel Duran, KAMIKAZES
P Yogi Cooper, Redlegs Revenge
P Bip Bartee, Rain
P Pedro Saenz, Bison
P Davy Miles, Wild Turkeys

American League

CF Pasqual Martin, Blues Boys
SS Eddie Ingram, Beer Swillers
1B Russell Leonard, Fire
DH Emmett Halter, Fire
C Horacio Vallarta, Wolfpack
2B James Banks, Shuffle
RF Alexander Green, Stallions
3B Tanyon Owen, Blues Boys
LF Javier Valdez, Wolfpack
SP Andrew Baxter, Fire

C Ricky Gibbs, Billy Goats
1B Kareem Nunnally ,Bombers
2B Angel Valdes, Minute Men
3B Miguel Mairena, Minute Men
SS Felipe Vega, Wolfpack
LF Trevor Bellhorn, Fire
CF Billy Hunter, Stallions
RF Larry Dupler, Fire

P Jacob Johnson , Wolfpack
P Ken Atkins , Wolfpack
P Felipe Colon, Elephants
P Brutus Nixon, Bombers
P Kirk Heiserman, Fire
P Stewart Pose, Fire
P Wolf Miller, Stallions
P Alfredo Swann, Bombers
P Oscar Martin, Beer Swillers
P Bump Ponson, Bombers
P Sandy Wilson, Coconuts
P Juan Borges, Blues Boys

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