History of Futility in Mathewson

By 69cubs
Looking at the new rule of Minimum 50 wins in one season or 110 wins in 2 seasons, here is a history of who did not make it (noting that all except one below was by owners not currently in the Mathewson World):
First the 50 win minimum::
Pawtucket – Season 5 – 39 wins, owner was one season and done in Mathewson.
Richmond – Season 9 – 49 wins, owner was one and done
Tampa Bay – Season 2 – 18 wins, owner was one and done
Helena – Season 2 – 33 wins (106 total for season 1 and 2) this owner was in Mathewson for only 2 seasons.
Salt Lake City - Season 2 – 17 wins – owner was one and done
Chicago – Season 2 – 26 wins – owner was one and done
Atlanta – Season 5 - 41 wins – owner was one and done
Charlotte – Season 13 – 48 wins – 1 of only 2 owners (kcbp) with under 50 wins that returned in the following season. 2nd owner story explained later in this article.
Charlotte also fell into the “failure to reach 110 wins in 2 seasons” category.
He (kcbp) did it twice, season 12 -13 with 108 wins and seasons 13-14 with only 100 wins.

Of the current owners, only 1 has ever been at default of one of the rules. And that was back in seasons 3 and 4, Pville (Texas Steers) never had less than 50 in a season, but in season 3-4, he had only 102 wins (51 wins in each of the 2 seasons).

One last team needs more space when explaining their history, That would be Pittsburgh’s history.
6 owners in its first 6 seasons (including soulblazer in season 4 taking over the team before moving west with his current team).
Season win total for seasons 1-6 ( 31, 67, 55, 58, 48, 59) – 2 seasons failed to get 50 wins, but owners were one and done on both instances.
Season 7 – 17 had one owner “jacoby66”, in season 8, only 44 wins, seasons 7-8 and 8-9, failed to reach the 110 win mark, but never defaulted after that. Interesting not is that “jacoby66” managed the team to its best record in his last season (season 17) with a 73-89 record. And leaving the team with a couple of very good prospects.
One more interesting note on this franchise – “noah79” took over this team and led the team to 80, then 105 (only a WC spot), followed by a 83 win seasons, then “plymouth71 continued the success and brought this once “futile” franchise to playoff appearances in both his full seasons.

So, the point of this article is that the futility is usually eliminated on its own, but, if an owner is involved in their team, this should not ever happen. (And, what was going on in Season 2 with some awful teams!)

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