Top Free Agents of S18... How are they doing?

The offseason saw some big names changing teams and even more money changing pockets. With 30 games into the season, what do the early stats tell us about busts and bargains?

David Lee - Los Angeles Canyoneros - .232 AVG, .306 OBP, .464 SLG. The biggest free agent name in the offseason got a big contract (110 million over 5 years), but his performance over the first 28 games has been abysmal. The season is young, and Lee should improve as the season progresses.

Doug Thompson - Charleston Stingrays - 6 starts, 3-2, 4.05 ERA. Thompson has pitched as well as could be expected from his history, but has pitched particularly well on the road. After being a reliever and spot starter in Little Rock, Thompson returned to the starting role that he is most comfortable with, and where he has spent the bulk of his career.

Banana Hawkins - Salem Trappers - 7 starts, 6-1, 2.76 ERA. The 37yr old southpaw has been outstanding for Salem. If he stays healthy and pitches like this through next season at 38, he will be a bargain at 6 million a year.

Ben Morris - Omaha Cobfathers - .271 AVG, .322 OBP, .579 SLG, .901 OPS. Morris, one of several Redlegs to walk out in free agency, has been a solid hitter, delivering power as promised for his new team.

Shannon Casey - Texas Steers - .336 AVG, .368 OBP, .546 SLG, .914 OPS - Casey has shown a live bat, and has exceeded expectations in the early returns. If he keeps up the pace, his 2.9 million per season for 2 years may be a huge bargain.

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