S17 Offseason Starts with Relocation Announcements

The commissioner's office announced the approval of new owners for several franchises. Highlighting the new owners is the return of wolfman, who has significant major league management experience in this league.

In the American League:
1. Charlotte Wolfpack - taking over the former Baltimore Blast, the new owner is ready to compete. This young franchise has a low payroll and deep talent, after years of rebuilding in Baltimore. Charlotte welcomes the team with open arms.

2. Montreal Monarchs - a new ownership team has taken over the former Pawtucket Red Sox. The team, which lost 96 games last season, poses a challenge to the new owner, but with a high draft pick and some major league talent, this team will be competitive and is in great position to be shaped in whatever direction the new owners decide.

3. Sioux Falls Badlands - a new ownership team took over the former Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. After 15 of the previous 16 seasons under the same owner, the franchise is stable and in good position to compete. With a high pick in the forst round, the team is close to competing while still rebuilding.

4. Durham Bulls - following 6 years under the same owner, the former San Antonio Stallions are now the Durham Bulls. The team is solid, despite underperforming last season and seeing significant talent drafted away in the Rule 5 draft.

5. Tacoma Hammerheads - in yet another move, the league's wandering team has found a new home - from New York, the NL North's worst record in S16 became the Tacoma Hammerheads.

6. Arizona Sun Devils - the Vancouver Titans retained the same ownership group, but have relocated to Phoenix, AZ to benefit from the warmer weather... and are now known as the Arizona Sun Devils.

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