Rule 5 Brings Major League Help to a few teams

The S16 Rule 5 league brought some new faces to some teams, giving a handful of players the opportunity to help at the ML level when their original teams wouldn't.

1. Melvin Lawrence - CF - drafted by the Boston Minutemen. Lawrence is a speedy CF with a great ability to get on base and a high batting average through the minor leagues. Lawrence has hit 7 HRs in 4 seasons of professional baseball, but projects to help and improve with the Minutemen if given regular playing time.

2. Charley Carasone - 2B - drafted by the Seattle Lightning. Arguably the best hitter taken in the draft, Carasone should see lots of playing time with his new team. Carasone will likely strike out a lot at the ML level, but will see plenty of opportunities to hit 10-20 HRs while providing adequate defense.

3. David Meadows - RP - drafted by the Helena Handbaskets. Meadows has two major league quality pitches, but is still developing and will likely struggle at the ML level. New Britain took a gamble and left him unprotected, while Helena acquired some solid talent, and Meadows will mature into a top ML reliever if given enough innings.

4. Ernest Taft - 2B/3B - drafted by the LA Canyoneros - Taft is a great contact hitter with great on base potential, although he has never played above the High A level. After lingering at that level for 3 seasons, Taft is welcoming a fresh start and may see some action off the bench and get occasional starts.

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