The Three Greatest Teams in Mathewson History (by unitedcenter)


Being World Series time in the Mathewson World for season 12, let's look at a few teams that I would rank as the Top 3 of all time. All 3 teams won the World Series in the seasons that are listed. In order by season, not by preference, here they are...

SEASON 2 - (The season of the Triples).
Louisville Wild Turkeys with an 108-54 record.

Louisville went 11-4 in the playoffs beating my Chicago team (with Silver Slugger and Gold Glove winning catcher Chip Everett and Fireman of the year Dustan Schmidt) 4-1 in the World Series. This powerhouse team, who won the NL South by 17 games and led the NL in 3Bs, HRs and RBIs, was led by the following:- All Star SP Sean Donovan, who finished the season with a 20-4 record, 192 strikeouts, .216 OBA and a 1.16 WHIP.- SP Aaron Newson with a 19-6 record.- All Star and Silver Slugger 3B John Russ, with 151 runs, 44 2Bs, 32 3Bs, 49 HRs, 170 RBIs, 25 SBs, .329 BA and 1.191 OPs.- Silver Slugger and Season 2 NL MVP 2B Domingo Dali with 183 Runs, 28 3Bs, 62 HRs, 186 RBIs, 58 SBs and a 1.179 OPs.- Silver Slugger CF Mac Cookson and his 123 Runs, 49 2Bs, 23 3Bs, 29 HRs, 102 RBIs, 19 SBs and a 1.023 OPs.

Charlotte Wolfpack with a 106-56 record.

Charlotte had their brooms with them in the first few rounds before facing season 2 champ Louisville (Cy Young winner Aaron Newson and MVP John Russ) and beating them 4-2 to finish the post season with an 11-2 record.The Wolfpack had to battle Memphis throughout the year but finally took the AL South by 4 games. They won this with their pitching leading the league in Saves and Strikeouts and their offense getting the Triple Crown (HRs, RBIs and Avg).The Wolfpack was led by the following:- All Star SP Yogi Cooper and his 17-9 record.- All Star closer Benny Suarez with 25 saves in 28 opportunities.- RP Tuck Diaz who appeared in 79 games (all in relief) with a 1.23 WHIP, a W/L record of 19-8 and 7 saves with that. - SP Alberto Sanchez with a 12-6 record.- All Star RF Mike Burrell, who despite playing in only 137 games, batted .306, 123 Runs, 37 2Bs, 23 HRs and 92 RBIs.- Silver Slugger 2B Felipe Vega with 112 Runs, 41 2Bs, 47 HRs, 154 RBIs and a .973 OPs.- Silver Slugger 3B Harry Moya with 130 Runs, 48 HRs, 156 RBIs, .313 Avg. and a .963 OPs.- Silver Slugger SS sparkplug Joe Watson with his 138 Runs and 77 SBs.

Memphis Blues Boys with a 114-48 record.

They made the playoffs as a Wild Card as Charlotte took the AL South with 117 wins. They went on to a 14-3 record and swept the Colorado Crush (with NL MVP Brad Green and a team OPS of .972 with 390 HRs) 4-0 to win the World Series.The Blues Boys finishing 2nd in their division led the NL in batting with a .305 average. This team had individual honors bestowed on 9 different players.Memphis was led by the following:- All Star SP Dorian Kinkade and his 20-2 record, 3.06 ERA and 1.18 WHIP.- All Star and Fireman of the year Don Gonzales who had 45 saves and a 1.19 WHIP.- Rookie of the Year SP Dustan Stoops with a 15-3 record and 3.62 ERA.- 15-2 SP Richard Magee and a 1.15 WHIP.- All Star and AL MVP catcher Kareem Nunnally with 124 Runs, 68 HRs, 175 RBIs, .319 avg and 1.126 OPs.- All Star and Silver Slugger 2B Vladimir Valentin with 113 Runs, 43 HRs, 133 RBIs and a .318 BA.- All Star and Silver Slugger SS Andrea Childers and 139 Runs, 36 SBs and .324 BA.- All Star and Silver Slugger CF Kennie Perez and 151 Runs, 44 2Bs, 36 HRs, 133 RBIs, 31 SBs, .339 BA and .966 OPs.- Silver Slugger LF Roberto Santana, who, in 129 games had 34 HRs and 112 RBIs to go along with his .316 BA.- Gold Glove 3B Tanyon Owen who also contributed offensively with 107 Runs, 28 HRs, 95 RBIs and a .311 BA.

These 3 teams are the best in my opinion, I am sure arguments could be made for other teams also. (opinions by Unitedcenter)

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