'Tis the Season to be Moving - Chicago, New York, Burlington, Sioux Falls and Scottsdale are newest ML cities

Chicago, IL - In the first of a series of ML teams announcing relocation to open the next season, the south side of Chicago will once again have a team. The Columbus Flatlanders, following a change in ownership at the end of last season, have announced that they will play the season in Chicago, giving the city both an AL and NL team.

The Flatlanders, after several seasons as one of the top teams in the NL, had a sudden change in management, with an unexpected sale of their team in the middle of a pennant race. The new owners are moving to Chicago, where they will be known as the Chicago Shoeless Joes.

American League baseball returns to New York city, with the former Toronto Saints announcing that they are relocating to the big apple and the franchise will be known as the New York Fadeaways.

In Burlington, VT, the former team from Iowa City, the Bison, had a press release to declare them the new home for the roaming herd. The bison had been looking for an Eastern city to host them since the end of last season when IA City failed to renew the lease on their stadium. "Burlington welcomed us with open arms after the deal fell through in Iowa City", said team spokesperson Mike McGlinchy. The Bison are retaining their team name and logo.

The Pawtucket Sox announced a move to Sioux Falls, where they will be known as the Cougars under new ownership.

Finally, Scottsdale Arizona will have baseball beyond spring training. The former Colorado Springs Raiders will play the S14 season with Scottsdale as their home town. They will retain the name of Raiders.

In New Orleans, the team is undergoing a facelift and image remake. The former "Fifth Ward Reds" will now be known as the Ragin' Cajuns, a more uplifting name that has immediate appeal with the local, regional fanbase.

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