Is this the season the Redlegs run away with the division?

Rookie 3B Howard Robinson knew he would be joining an incredible young team when he got the news that he had made the team out of spring training. After hitting .345 with 4 HR in spring training, the former 1st draft pick left no doubt that he belonged with the ML team. Now 30 games into the season, Robinson didn't realize that he would be the leader of a Redlegs Revenge offense that has carried the team into first place in the NL East and would lead all rookies with 11 HRs.

The road to first place has been a long but steady one for the Redlegs. Built around primarily homegrown talent, the Reds looked like the team to beat going into Season 12 until their youngsters struggled at the plate and on the mound. Now a season later, this team has shwon that they are for real. First baseman
Jeromy Millard was picked off waivers from Texas, and may have been the missing cog to turn things around for the young team with his leadership and veteran presence, not to mention his .336 average and .460 on base percentage. CF All-Star Ben Morris, on his 5th year with the Redlegs, is slugging at a slightly lower pace than the last two seasons, but has improved his batting average (.315) and ability to make contact. Patrick McCurry has made a succesful transition from 2B to LF on the field, and improving his career batting average by nearly 45 points.

Pitching has been a positive constant for the Reds, with a starting rotation that carries a combined 16-6 behind
Yogi Cooper (3-1, 2.62 ERA), Rick Ramirez ( 3-3, 3.53 ERA), Jeremy Blauser (3-0, 2.18 ERA), Jorge Morales (4-2, 4.72 ERA) and Jose Amaro (3-0, 4.05 ERA).

These young Redlegs may finally get their revenge, but this young team should be an exciting core for years to come.

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