Anatomy of the First Pick (story by 69cubs)

"With the 1st pick in the draft, the Vancouver Titans select..........!"

To get to this point, first we had to be bad the previous season.

Fast Forward to Season 13 - Preseason.

From Vancouver, we take a plane to Virginia. In the small town of Prince Edward County, VA, outside of Richmond, we go to the field of the PEC Eagles to scout HS Senior
Albie Mercedes - 1st team all-conference in baseball and football, and 2nd team all-conference in basketball. In the 2 games we watch while there, he plays 3 different positions, (C-LF-2B), hits 2 HRs, drives in 6 runs as he goes 6 for 9. Scouts say he can be the #1, BUT, while there, it is noticed that football scouts are also there (during baseball season?), talking to locals. It appears Albie has a football scholarship about to be offered, and he is considering it! We have an opportunity to talk to Albie, and we have doubts on his commitment to baseball.

Next stop - we stay in Virginia and head to Lynchburg's Liberty University to see the Flames' SP
Harry Regan pitch in a game. What a game we saw here. A 1-hit shutout, striking out 8, no walks. I want to see him pitch again, maybe a return trip! It is planned.

Temple, Tx is next on our scouting trip. Visiting the college of the Temple Leopards, school for prospect
B.C. Moreno. We watch B.C. pitch, 6 innings, 1 run. 7 strikeouts and a walk. He seemed to be showing some wear as he gets farther in the game, but he sure can pitch! Scouts like him, but as a #1 pick... hmmm. On to Coffeeville, KS and another school (Coffeeville CC Ravens) and another top SP prospect! Vincenzo Wall. He retires the 1st 9 batters, striking out 1, but 3 balls hit to the track and caught. Only 1 hit in the next 2 innings, a HR after an error on the 3B which is the 2 runs allowed. In the 6th inning, he has to be pulled as it appears there is an issue with his thigh.

Back to Virginia, where
Albie Mercedes hits 2 HRs, drives in 6 in one game and runs down a ball in the LF corner. This guy is a great athlete!

Harry Regan throws a no-hitter with full command on his pitches, 2 baserunners (errors on the defense). Striking out 6 and walking 1. Our scouts think he can be better with a stronger training program. But talking to Harry, he wants to play pro ball and he has the arm to potentially compete with the best. Wish I could stay in VA a little longer to watch Mercedes and Regan a few more times, but San Francisco is calling for our next stop.

The Dons of the University of San Francisco. Here is a major college with a major talent! 22 year old senior SS
Bobby Upshaw: 2 time All-American and school record holder in several categories. But, a lot of rain for a couple days, we don't get to see him play, so we can't scout him while we are there. Find the videos of him playing! Last stop is closer to home as we end our trip in Marysville, WA, home of the Tomahawks of Marysville High School.

Senior SP
Kris Gates will be pitching today. Being close to home, we have seen him pitch as a junior and we have seen him a few times. 5 pitches and great control. He does not disappoint us this day either. 2 hit shutout, making many hitters look foolish! We get to talk to his coach, since we have scouted Kris several games. Very good kid and great potential.

Back to Vancouver to look over our notes. We have decided to discuss 2 players for the #1 spot. Our Virginia prospects, Albie Mercedes and Harry Regan. They both should be regular members of the All Star teams, and both stand out above the prospects we were able to scout! Albie can hit, but what will it take to sign him? Will it be worth it? Probably! Will football lure him away from baseball? Possibly! We do have prospect money to spend this season.......! Harry showed us something in the 2 games we watched that shows he should be outstanding. He does want to play pro ball and should be easier to sign than Albie! A stud hitter (with very good defensive tools), or a #1 starter? Finally, draft day is here and the announcement is made......

"With the 1st pick in the draft, the Vancouver Titans select.........
Harry Regan!

P.S. He signs right away and is ready to pitch in the Rookie League! Stay Tuned!

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