Clearing the pre-season notebook (story bysac_lambs)

Welcome New Ownership –
1. deerhunter63, Colorado Springs Raiders: 29-season veteran has no fear to tackle the process of retooling franchises. He inherits a major league team that hasn't finished higher than third place in their division in the past five seasons.

2. antsampson, Pawtucket Sox: Relative newcomer to HD with only three seasons of experience. He takes over a franchise that hasn't reached the playoffs in six seasons and featured four owners in the past five years.

3. the_mad_monk, Salem Whips: This experienced owner (7 seasons) joins Mathewson with the reigns of the team that won the AL West in S12 despite finishing with a losing record, and losing over 100 games in the previous season. The mad_monk looks to re-establish this franchise to the dynasty it was during the first 10 seasons under the same owner.

If I missed anyone else, please accept the apologies and welcome aboard. Speaking for all veteran owners, we're grateful to have the rookie owners and hope you'll stay around for many seasons to come.

Where's Waldo?
pita323 isn't a new owner, but he's owned eight different franchises in 13 Mathewson HD seasons. It's always fun to see where pita is going to show up any season, but don't kid yourself, this guy has won six division titles and has strong teams no matter where he's located. This time, pita323 has taken over the former Charlotte franchise – the winningest franchise in Mathewson HD history. The wolfman set the standard of excellence before bowing out after 12 seasons, but pita323 has an impressive track record. Stay tuned.

Another Change Of Scenery
After a strong performance in Milwaukee, including five division crowns and a World Series title, thurmodore has returned to Mathewson after a brief hiatus, and relocated to the AL West with the Los Angeles Canyoneros. Interesting switch, but the track record shows thurmodore has never piloted a team that finished any lower than second. Can he do it in LA-la-land?

Year Of The 'Cat
Season 12 truly belonged to bobcat_grad – beginning with a major league title after eight seasons with the Columbus Flatlanders. What you might have missed is the overall success of the Flatlanders franchise. bobcat_grad put together playoff teams in every classification, including three division titles at the minor league level. Very impressive.

Division Title Ownership
The Colorado Colorado Crush, piloted by hoyanoel, won a seventh consecutive division title (NL West) at the ML level, the longest active streak in Mathewson.

Prime Time, Past Their Time Free Agents
This year's crop, unlike other seasons, did not feature a “franchise-type” player that drew unbelievable contracts. However, as exhibition season began, there were some interesting players, with great histories, that were still available.

1. OF
Kennie Perez – A three-time All-Star, two-time Silver Slugger and Golden Glover who figures to be a first ballot Hall Of Famer.

2. OF
Vic Blank – Two-time All-Star that hit 30-plus homers in six seasons, including 52 in his best year.

3. IF
Carlos Franco – A seven-time All-Star that had monster offensive seasons in Colorado, including a 64 HR, .339 avg. in Season 6. The Hall Of Fame is dusting off a spot for Franco's statue as we speak. (.320 career batting AVG, 507 HRs).

4. P
Jacob Johnson – Six-time All-Star with 293 career saves.

5. Pitchers D.T. Plesac, Walker Gonzales, Don Bunch – Each made the All-Star team at least twice.

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