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The League Championship Series got under way with the last four playoff contenders fighting to make a World Series appearance.

National League Championship Series: Buffalo Blizzard vs El Paso Fighting Tacos

The Blizzard are the heavy favorites in this series, after compiling a 101-61 record, earning a first round bye and cruising through a sweep of the Iowa City Bison. El Paso has surprised many who thought this team was not a legit playoff contender, but El Paso proved them all wrong by squashing the teams with the best records in the regular season Despite and 81-81 regular season record, the Fighting Tacos quickly swept the mighty Las Vegas Rollers (104-58) by outscoring them 28-12 in the Division Play-in series. El Paso then faced the dangerous offense of the Colorado Colorado Crush (105-57), and sent them packing after 4 games. The Tacos come to face the Blizzard with their bats swinging - and the offense is led by Endy Horton, Humberto Paz and Charlie Brunson. This series promises to be an offensive battle full of excitement, but in the end, the El Paso team may be no match for the Blizzard's offense, which is paced by slugger extraordinaires Parker McIntyre and Rey Shigetoshi. Then again, similar predictions have been made before against these scrappy Fighting Tacos.

American League Championship Series: Trenton Fire vs San Antonio Stallions

Although the Trenton Fire are favored in this series, nobody is overlooking the Stallions. Dispatching the rival Charlotte Wolfpack and the New Britain Bombers, the Stallions hope to carry the momentum into Trenton. As these two offenses match up, it will be San Antonio's power vs Trenton's contact and ability to get on base. Trenton's pitching was best in the AL, followed closely by San Antonio's, and anything can happen in a short series. Hampering Trenton's hopes is the loss of Andrew Baxter to a significant injury.

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