Parker McIntyre hits HR #500 (by soulblazer)

BUFFALO, NY -- Buffalo Blizzard 1B Parker McIntyre has become the 4th player in Baseball to reach the milestone of hitting 500 HR's during a career today, as he hit numbers 500 and 501 in a game aganist the Columbus Flatlanders. He is the second player this season to reach that milestone, the first being Kareem Nunally of New Britain. Drafted in the first round of the first season by Buffalo, he made his major league debut in Season 3 and has played a major role in the Blizzard;s history ever since. An all-around dangerous hitter, McIntyre also has 1324 RBI's and a average of .322 during his ML career, but most notably, he has never been on the DL. He is under contract for four more years making $7.2 mil this year and $8.0 mil for each of the next four.

Number 500 for Parker came during the third inning of a scoreless game, hitting a 2 run homer off of Columbus starter Yannick Brooks to give Buffalo a 2-0 lead. That lead soon dissipated, and it McIntire struck again in the 8th inning of a game that his team now trailed 10-3. Parker led off the inning with a solo blast for number 501 of his career. Despite Buffalo losing that game 10-4, it was an important day for the 28 year old hitter from Wichita, Kansas. At only 28, Parker is likely to hit many more during his careeer, and may become the all-time HR leader before he retires. Parker has been a 6-time All-Star, a 6 time silver slugger 1B and a 4 time Most Valuable Player. He also earned his first gold glove award during his Season 10 MVP season.

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