Franchises Relocating for Season 11

Management from several franchises informed the league commisioner that they would be relocating prior to the new season. Due to factors such as the sale of teams to new owners, decreasing fan base and a slumping economy, several franchises announced the moves today.

Saint Louis Redbirds move to Chicago and become the Billy Goats.
Driving a stake through the heart of the St. Louis fans, management decided to move the team to the rival city across state lines. The sale of St. Louis-based Anheuser Busch to InBev resulted in a significant reduction in corporate sponsorship of the St. Louis franchise, and team management seized the financial opportunity created by the departure of the Chicago franchise last season. Local St. Louis businessmen have united in an effort to bring back a franchise to the city.

Burlington Beavers become the Baltimore Blast
After a disappointing season, the owners of the Burlington Beavers sold to team to an investor from Baltimore, who announced that the team will relocate and become the Baltimore Blast. Reaction across the Baltimore harbor was extremely positive, and Camden Yards crews started working non-stop to prepare their field for opening day.

Scranton Barons become the Detroit Shuffle
In an effort to energize the city of Detroit, baseball is back in the motor city. A former majority owner of the franchise from its days in Chicago, bought out Dr J Kennedy and relocated the team to Detroit. Ownership had intended to return the franchise to Chicago, but the relocation of the St. Louis franchise forced them to accept a generous deal from the city of Detroit. Detroit welcomed the team with open arms and ownership promises to field a team to make the city proud.

Omaha Blackshirts to become the Salem Volcanoes
After a long tradition as the Omaha Blackshirts, Kneeneighbor Inc. announced today that the franchise was sold to the Caracarn Mgmt Group and the team is being relocated to Salem, where they will be known as the Salem Volcanoes. The Omaha fanbase had eroded after missing the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Chicago Cubs become Saint Louis Kamikaze
In rounding out a series of franchise moves, the former NL North Chicago Cubs franchise was wooed to Saint Louis by a team of local entepreneurs. In the strangest of moves, the fanbase of Chicago and Saint Louis will find themselves rooting for the players considered arch-rivals last season.

Colorado Springs Fighting Falcons become the Anaheim Ducks
The franchise that saw three ownership teams during season 10 finally relocated to southern California, where the fanbase should provide some much needed stability. In addition, a great rivalry has already started with the concurrent relocation of a franchise to neighboring Los Angeles.

Tucson Taser's become the Los Angeles Diamond Kings
Los Angeles returns to the Mathewson world after a short absence, with the relocation of the Tucson Taser's. The new Diamond Kings look to follow the tradition of baseball started during season 1, when a Los Angeles franchise (based in the American League) was crowned as the first World Series champion.

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